This week we will be in Kissimmee, Florida to hold our first Florida Regional Conference.  There are currently over 25 organizations and approximately 80 individuals registered.   In addition to usual training intensive sessions, there will be a number of sessions on nationally significant topics such as CCHIT and the meaningful use of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Session highlights will include:

A close look at Therap’s Health Tracking modules for appointments, seizures, lab tests, vital signs, and medication histories

Introduction to Therap Medication Administration Records (MAR)

Therap Individual Service Plans (ISP)

Hands on training on different Therap modules including Therap GERs (incident reports), Time Tracking, Secure Communications and Training Management

A close look at Therap electronic billing, service authorizations and claim tracking

Advanced Training on Provider Administration, Super Roles and Caseloads

Conference Agenda and Additional Information:

Therap Regional Conference: Therap & CCHIT, Kissimmee, Florida, December 6-7, 2011