We’re in Florida all this weekend meeting with attendees at the Family Café and Summit on Disabilities in Orlando through June 12th.  The event draws Floridians from all corners of the state, including self-advocates, family members, APD representatives and state agency partners along with non-profits.  We’re excited to be here amidst the buzz, meeting with so many people.  Be sure to stop by our booth in the exhibitors and vendors area and meet Maureen, who’ll be available through Sunday!

Also if you have interest in working with Therap to promote self-advocacy, and are a current Therap user, be sure to exchange contact information with Maureen – she can get you in contact with our Self Advocacy team and related program.  Our team of self-advocate liaisons meet with agencies and network with individuals interested in promoting access and management of individual health records and affiliated individual data.

Looking forward to the next couple days at the conference!