Therap Services is excited to announce that Florida users are welcome to join the online user group that is going to be held on 11th June, 2020 at 10:00 AM (EST)! Expert team members of Therap, Maureen “Mo” O’Connell and Tricia Woods will be the hosts of this event. Your hosts will provide a comprehensive demonstration of the new IDF as well as conduct an open discussion on the use of Therap application in Florida. 

This online user group has been organized to include Therap users from agencies in the same area who meet virtually to troubleshoot, network, discuss state and regional issues, and clarify and learn about the latest Therap releases. This online user group for Florida users will be the perfect platform to discuss the new Individual Demographic Form (formerly known as Individual Data Form), IDF. The new user interface to the IDF is designed to provide a greater frictionless experience so that utilizing Therap’s online documentation software can be more effortless and efficient for you! 

Register now to learn more about how Therap works in Florida!