IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs

Carolina Autism Supported Living Services in Charleston South Carolina has found a great way to use IPads in their group homes for documenting in Therap!  Here is a description and pictures from Phil Blevins, Executive Director:


“We used iPadWallBracket.com for the enclosure. There are many other sites with similar products but this seemed best for our purposes. We chose the enclosure that covers the “home” button. Then we installed a Kiosk program on the iPad. We chose Kiosk Pro from the Apple store. It’s free but there is a paid version with more features. We set the Therap login page as the start page and limited the kiosks browsing range to the therap domain. There are a few things I could note about setting it up if you ever want details.

We mounted the enclosure to a rolling laptop stand from Office Depot. Since it is plastic we chose not to drill holes in it but used a metal/plastic polymer adhesive to attach the enclosure.

We used iPads with WiFi instead of 3g so we have to make sure there is a working wireless router in the houses. And I’ve noticed that the iPad can’t handle the pop-up body image when entering skin/wound notes. But the staff person can still choose body parts from the drop-down menu. There may be other iPad quirks but we haven’t run into them yet.”
IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs1      IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs3  IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs2

Therap Central Florida User Group Meeting

Last week Kris Keppler and I had a tour through East Central & Central Florida to do several Demos of Therap Services.   While we there UCP of East Central Florida hosted a User Group meeting in Daytona Beach.  We had 4 organizations represented including: UCP of East Central Florida, Alliance for Independence, DSI: Central Florida Communities and ARC Marion who will be doing a Time & Benefit Study for Therap this year!   The User group focused on several specific questions, 9.1 Release Updates, Attendance, Billing Set-up and some general discussion around implementation and training.  Kristen Thompson, Certified Therap Trainer with DSI shared some of her experiences with implementation adn using the Therap training time to do some basic computer training as well!

We had a very good meeting and are planning a Central Florida meeting to be hosted in Orlando at DSI on November 3rd, 2011 from 10-1:00pm, of course lunch is included!

Therap Central Florida User Group Meeting pic

Kristen Thompson, DSI & Certified Therap Trainer, Kris Keppler, Therap Services, Implementation and Training Specialist

Florida Coast to Coast – Sunrise to Sunset!

Sunrise in Daytona Beach Florida

ThHeaded to the West Coast of Floridais week Kris Keppler and I started our Florida agency visits in Daytona Beach with a 6:45am sunrise and a morning visit to one of Therap’s first Florida users,  UCP of East Central Florida. We had a great morning meeting with staff on Attendance Billing, GERs and we showed them the new Individual Home page that is in BETA!  It was great to visit with UCP and to provide them with some technical support and on-going training!

Next, we were off to St. Petersburg, on the west coast of Florida.  We got there just in time to check in and see the Sunset.  The next morning we were with PARC, Inc( Pinellas ARC) meeting with their technology grant writing consultant, Earle Rugg with Rural Health IT.  We will all be working together to help PARC secure a technology grant for hardware and software, including Therap Services!!!

St. Petersburg Beach, Florida - Sunset

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