IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs

Carolina Autism Supported Living Services in Charleston South Carolina has found a great way to use IPads in their group homes for documenting in Therap!  Here is a description and pictures from Phil Blevins, Executive Director:


“We used iPadWallBracket.com for the enclosure. There are many other sites with similar products but this seemed best for our purposes. We chose the enclosure that covers the “home” button. Then we installed a Kiosk program on the iPad. We chose Kiosk Pro from the Apple store. It’s free but there is a paid version with more features. We set the Therap login page as the start page and limited the kiosks browsing range to the therap domain. There are a few things I could note about setting it up if you ever want details.

We mounted the enclosure to a rolling laptop stand from Office Depot. Since it is plastic we chose not to drill holes in it but used a metal/plastic polymer adhesive to attach the enclosure.

We used iPads with WiFi instead of 3g so we have to make sure there is a working wireless router in the houses. And I’ve noticed that the iPad can’t handle the pop-up body image when entering skin/wound notes. But the staff person can still choose body parts from the drop-down menu. There may be other iPad quirks but we haven’t run into them yet.”
IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs1      IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs3  IPad Kiosks for Therap in Residential & Day Programs2

Therap National Conference – A Big Success!

Therap National Conference pic1In preparation for Therap Services pre-conference meetings on Monday, some of us came in early on Sunday to catch the Superbowl at a local Sports Bar-Redds, right across the street from the Met-Life Stadium where the Giants and Jets play!  It was sweet victory for New York and very exciting to be in the middle of it all!

We had a great conference with around 350 attendees, 3 days of over 35 sessions including: Basic to Advanced User sessions, Provider Organizations Special Topic sessions and Brainstorming with Therap Programmers! 

Therap National Conference pic2

Of course, being New York, we always take a trip to “The City” and what a great time of eating pizza, walking around Manhattan to look at the sites!  

Therap National Conference pic3

                           Therap National Conference pic4   Therap National Conference pic5

If you missed it, you can still get to one of our Regional Conferences this year.  Check out when we are coming to a town near you!


ARC Marion, Inc Signs-up with Therap!

ARC MarionARC Marion headquartered in Ocala, Florida has subscribed to Therap for all their documentation needs including, Health Notes, Shift Notes, Case and Progress Notes, Health Care Tracking, Support Plan/Implementation Plan Goals racking and Reporting, APD Incident Reporting, Personal Finance of Group Home Residents, Billing, Tracking of Staff Training, Productivity and Wages for sheltered contract work in their ADT and much more.
Therap Services began working with ARC Marion, Inc in October beginning with an Implementation Meeting and ProviderARC Marion pic Administrator Training with the organization’s Management Team.  CEO, Troy Strawder said ” Therap will change our organization and help us to be more efficient in these very tough financial times giving our staff more time to provide services to the people with disabilites that need our support!”   ARC Marion will be conducting a Time Study and Cost Analysis to assist their Board of Directors and Therap in having a clear and documented outcome of the efficiency’s and savings that could be realized by implementing Therap Services!
 ARC Marion, Inc., established in 1959, creates opportunties for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ocala and Marion County Florida to live, work and play to the fullest of their capabilities.

You can find ARC MARION, Inc at http://www.mcarc.com



The Florida APD IBudget and CCR-Central Customer Record is on Hold!

Barbara PalmerBarbara Palmer, new APD Chief of Staff has been assigned the IBudget and CCR initiatives.  She has assembled a Workgroup to evaluate these two critical Statewide Initiatives that have been riddled with problems and to make recommendations to APD Director, Mike Hansen.  In addition to the Workgroup’s evaluation, APD has contracted with North Highland, a national consulting group for assistance. http://www.northhighland.com

Florida ARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

September 21st & 22nd, Florida ARF and Respect of Florida celebrated their Annual Meeting in Clearwater Beach Florida.

Picture of Florida ARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

As a Gold Sponsor of FARF, Therap Services Exhibited our product and I gave a brief presentation on the status of Therap working with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, to test the export data from Therap to the Florida APD CCR system.  The number of organizations using Therap in Florida continues to grow with many organisations coming from FARF membership.  These provider agencies share with each other the tremendous benfits and positive experiences using Therap, and so, we continuento grow from  Coast to Coast.  An additonal benefit for FARF members, is a 15% discount off of the List Price.  In financially challenging times like this, with Therap already being so affordable and saving providers time & money, this is a fantastic deal!  So, give me a call or come visit me at our next meeting.

Picture of Therap Booth in FARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

Barry Pollack   386-212-3201   barry.pollack@therapservices.net   www.therapservices.net




Therap Is Growing In Central Florida!

Central Florida Communities Inc
Our newest customer in Central Florida is  DSI Management, LLC


DSI operates a most well respected provider organization of disability services:            Central Florida Communities, Inc.


Serving Orange, Seminole, Brevard and Lake Counties the CFC Mission is:

To strive each day for excellence… by supporting and encouraging each individual to achieve the highest level of independence in an environment that promotes independence, choice, dignity, happiness and opportunities to participate in decisions affecting every aspect of their lives.

Central Florida Communities, Inc. (CFC) has warm, welcoming, home-inspired facilities and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities in Orange, Brevard, Lake and Seminole Counties.

CFC operates three 64-bed Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD’s), Howell Branch Court, Lake View Court and Washington Square. Each is a living center for individuals who require around the clock care, including nursing and medical oversight, and can benefit from on-site activities and community outings.

CFC also operates 17 Group Homes which are six-bed community integrated homes serving children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Central Florida Group Homes is a premiere-best practice-well managed organization!  Therap Services we are proud to welcome CFC to the Therap Family.   We are also excited that CFC has hired a Certified Therap Trainer, Kristen Thompson,  to lead the implementation and training of Therap at CFC.

Picture of Kristen Thompson, Certified Trainer of Therap

DSI is looking forward to a future of efficient and effective documentation with the help of Therap Services.  As the Director of Therap Implementation and Training for DSI, Kristen Thompson believes that using a documentation system like Therap provides staff with a complete and up to date knowledge of the people they serve, while protecting confidentiality and reducing environmental impacts.

DSI Management, LLC specializes in management of communities for the elderly, facilities and programs for the developmentally disabled, and programs that provide a full range of services to individuals in their homes.

Kristen & Kris Keppler, Therap Training & Implementation Specialist have 300+staff to train in Therap and are finishing-up training this week in Titusville.   Both CFC and Therap are fortunate to have Kristen, her energy, passion and leadership to assure the best of success!

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