Mobile Devices and Browsers

Recently Stephen Flanigan from Therap Customer Support stated the following when asked about which devices are best for mobile data entry into Therap:

StephenTherap is designed to work on a number of web browsers that are java-compatible. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as they are the largest used and therefore most tested browsers. Safari and Apple’s various iOS work well, as does lesser-used browsers such as Opera and Sea Monkey. Both the Kindle Fire and Android Tablet will work, although I haven’t personally tested on the Kindle Fire’s Amazon Silk web browser system, several users have on the Android Tablets without trouble.

Charleston-Low Country to New Jersey-Garden State!

This week Kris Keppler, Therap Implementation and Training Specialist provided the staff training for Therap’s first customer in the Charleston, SC Area, Carolina Autism Supported Living Services!

Carolina Autism Supported Living Services! Visit them at

They specialize in supporting individuals and families related to Autism and providing ABA Services: Applied Behavior Analysis!

I met Kris in Charleston on Wednesday evening for dinner, walked old historic Charleston which is a fantastic city and then we did several Demos of Therap in the Region.  The response to Therap was Great!  I expect we will be seeing much growth in Therap around the area and State this year.  Here a few shots of the local area!

Charleston pic1Charleston pic2

Charleston pic3Charleston pic4


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