New ISP Program (Shift Reports) by Tyshanna McKamie

Starting on July 1, 2013 we started a new way of documenting on shifts. T-Logs are time consuming and often it is hard to try and spend time charting every day for someone that seems to do many of the same things every day. We as the Therap committee came up with an ISP program that will sum up a typical day/shift called “Shift Report”. This program will replace Low T-Logs, but in emergency situations or certain instances a MED or HIGH T-Log will still need to be completed. If a T-Log needs to be completed it will be very short and to the point. In the program it will tell you when you need to complete a T-Log.

This is one way to try and make our documentation less time consuming with our busy schedules. That way we can spend that much more time with the people we care for.

Therap 2013.2 Release Preview

Check out this You Tube Video of our upcoming Release expected in July!

Video on Therap 2013.2 Release Preview


Mobile ISP Data-Coming this Summer, 2013

Check this out!  Coming in the Summer Release!  Staff will now be able to use an Android Mobile Devise to access the Mobile ISP Data App, Login, enter Time In & Time Out, enter ISP Data, score and comment using the built in voice to text functionality, GPS Location enabled, snap a picture and get a verification signature.  See all this and more by clicking the link below!

Mobile ISP Data Link

Mobile ISP Data

Therap National Conference Coming Soon ! January 29-31, 2013

Here it is, the time has come…The annual Therap National Conference is back again this month.  Don’t miss out this year, take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and Register by January 7th!  


*This is the best and most comprehensive training opportunity to get the most out of Therap for your organization.  I hope to see may of you there!

Therap National Conference, Ramada East Hanover, New Jersey, January 29-31, 2013

Therap would like to welcome everyone involved in providing support and services to the people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD).

Therap has been focused on developing software that can be used to document and track progress of individuals, and this conference will provide an opportunity for the agencies and State officials to get a comprehensive, hands-on view of the system. Here, you can meet the Therap staff and also network with people from other parts of the country who are also using the applications to manage their data. Therap also is a platform that improves the communication regarding services provided within the organization, which in turn raise the quality of services! This will be the place to hear all about it.

Event highlights include:Therap's National Conference Graphic
* Hands-on training on Therap modules including Individual Service Plans, Health Tracking and Billing
* Sessions for advanced level users and certified trainers
* User presentations on implementation and usage (Interested in presenting?)
* Focused sessions for states, counties and multi-state providers
* Brainstorming and requirement analysis for future upgrades
* Presentations by other vendors

The details of the sessions and timings are available in our schedule (Download Schedule).

If you have questions, please contact us.

Registration Packages:
$220 – 3 Day Conference
$245 – 3 Day Conference + Bus to NYC and back on 30th evening with free time to explore on your own.
$265 – 3 Day Conference + Guided tour of NYC and pizza dinner on 30th evening.
Online Registration
Note: Register by January 7 for an Early Bird Discount
and pay only $180/$205/$225 per attendee for the respective packages.
All price includes lunch and snacks during the day.

Venue & Accommodations:
Ramada Hotel & Conference Center
130 Route 10 West, East Hanover, NJ, 07936.
Call (973) 386-5622 to reserve rooms.

You can ask for the Therap Block Rate of $94(plus tax) if you book you stay by December 27, 2012.

You can book rooms at the Holiday Inn Parsippany(just beside the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center) also at the same rate (Call (888) 465 4329 to reserve rooms).

Free Shuttle to/from the Hotel:
Therap will be chartering a bus for pickup from the AirTrain Monorail atNewark Airport on Monday, January 28, 2013 which is the day before the National Conference starts on January 29.

Exact monorail stops will be announced. The charter bus will have a 50 person limit. Our plan is to have the bus for airport pickups at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. People taking Amtrak trains can also meet the bus.

There will be two buses on the last day of the conference, Thursday, January 31, 2013, for taking attendees back to the airport. These buses will start from the hotel at 3:30pm and 5:30pm. If we are allowed we will drop people directly at each terminal. Or else, the will drop will be at a Newark Airport Monorail station.

The times may vary due to traffic and other conditions. We will announce specific times and a pickup location closer to the event.

We are not guaranteeing space on the bus, although we think there should be availability for people to get on the bus of their choice. This is the first year we are attempting this, so please let us know if this is useful or if there are any questions.

Therap Florida Regional Conference, West Palm Beach, December 4-5, 2012

Regional Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, December 4-5, 2012

Register for Regional Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, December 4-5, 2012The conference will be a good place for prospective users to learn about individual support documentation and reporting, electronic health records (EHR) and training management. Event highlights will include:

  • Hands-on training on different Therap modules including incident reportshealth tracking andbilling (see below)
  • Sessions focused on implementation and effective use
  • User presentations, brainstorming and discussions
  • User group meeting and discussions

Registration Fee: $85
Register by November 20, 2012 to receive the
Early Bird Discount, and pay $75 per attendee.
Click here to register for this event

Information Flyer
Preliminary Schedule (in Black & White)

Venue & Accommodations:
Holiday Inn West Palm Beach Airport Hotel and Conference Center
Note: Ask for the Therap Block Rate
of $79 (+Taxes) when reserving rooms.
(Reserve by 11/18/2012 5:00pm)

Software Suite for Developmental Disability Providers

Get a first-hand introduction to Therap’s software system for intellectual and developmental disability providers from our conferences. Learn how to track your progress/nursing notes, ISPs and goals, incidents, health information, billing, and more. Generating reports become easy from the data you store. Electronic documentation will reduce the time it takes to do paperwork and clear up more time to attend to the individuals’ needs. You can also network with agencies similar to yourself at these conferences and discuss processes and implementation.

IBudget: ADT Hourly Rate

Therap can accurately create the new Hourly Billing Unit for the I-Budget for ADT!

See the below: Sample set-up for the Service Description Code.  Please set the Automatic Unit Calculation to Hourly, Half Up and the smallest increment as 60 Minutes.

You will be able to use this auto calculation with:  Billing Data Input, Attendance Method or ISP Data Method and the Billing system will accurately calculate the Units per AHCA-Medicaid and APD Regulations.

Screenshot of Billing showing Hourly Billing Unit for the I-Budget for ADT

Florida ARF & FADSP Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week

FADSP LogoDuring the week of September 9-15, Florida ARF & the Florida Alliance for Direct Support Professional (FADSP) will proudly celebrate DSP Recognition Week.  In recognition of this special week, DSPs across the state who represent the backbone of our direct care service system will be featured.  Their stories will demonstrate the loving attitude and dedication of so many DSPs who give so freely of themselves to serve others.

We are pleased to announce Governor Rick Scott has signed a letter recognizing DSPs and raising awareness for the Direct Support Professional Recognition Week.   Scott stated “Direct support professionals provide a broad range of support for many Floridians with disabilities.  These dedicated professionals help disabled citizens by increasing their independence, keeping them connected with their family and community, and offering support and encouragement on a daily basis.”  We totally agree with Governor Scott.

To all the DSPs across Florida, we offer a hearty “Thank you for all that you do!”

Florida APD will increase Planning and DD transition to Community Waiver Services

DD Waiver Waitlist Litigation Settled

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dykes v. Dudek Settlement Agreement Summary

Disability Rights Florida filed the Dykes v. Dudek lawsuit in March of 2011 on behalf of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who needed care, treatment, and habilitation and who were on the Waitlist for DD Medicaid Waiver services. Some of the plaintiffs resided in private ICF/DDs or nursing homes and some of the plaintiffs resided in their families’ homes. Many had been on the DD Waitlist for over five years.

The lawsuit sought to compel Florida to develop a reliable and accurate means of tracking and projecting service demand and associated trends in order to design and implement a comprehensive plan for the continued enrollment of over 21,000 persons waiting for DD Waiver services. In October of 2011, the court denied our motion to proceed as a class action and the case proceeded instead on the basis of our agency’s standing to sue and on behalf of the named plaintiffs.

On July 3, 2012, the lawsuit was settled. Under the settlement agreement the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) will engage in the activities described below. The agreement addresses five key areas:

1.    Individuals Residing in ICF/DDs and Nursing Homes

During 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, after the lawsuit was filed, the Legislature enacted budget proviso language allowing APD and AHCA to utilize current appropriations in the ICF/DD budget to fund transitions of persons in ICF/DDs to the DD Waiver. Two named plaintiffs successfully transitioned to community services and APD began transitioning other individuals. The agreement requires that APD request another year of this key proviso language. Moreover, APD will complete the process of contacting everyone on the DD Waitlist who resides in an ICF/DD and providing transition support to those desiring to move. APD will also provide choice counseling at annual reviews and every 6 months after during the Continued Stay Reviews. Previously, the Continued Stay Review form only required a review of the level of care for the continuation of ICF/DD services. Thus, residents will be made aware of the available options more frequently and have a more meaningful option to view alternative placements and have their choice documented. APD and AHCA will provide Disability Rights Florida with monthly progress reports regarding ICF/DD transitions.

Additionally, the agreement requires that AHCA request a similar mechanism from the Legislature to transition people with DD who reside in nursing homes to the DD Waiver. The named plaintiff from the lawsuit who resided in a nursing home has successfully transitioned and is now thriving in a small group home setting in the community.

2.    Crisis

Individuals approved for Crisis enrollment will receive DD Waiver-funded services within no more than ninety days from the determination of crisis. General revenue funds may continue to be used during the crisis application process. The ninety-day period is important because it ensures prompt enrollment on the DD Waiver as required by Medicaid law and greater certainty in the provision of needed DD Waiver services.

3.    Individual Family Support (IFS) Funds

APD will notice the development of a rule to govern utilization of IFS funds and the rule will include a uniform application to be used statewide. APD will also track the IFS services requested, the IFS amounts requested, and whether each request was approved or denied. This data will be provided to Disability Rights Florida. These changes should make the statewide process more fair and equitable. Moreover, by tracking the services and amounts requested, APD will have a more reliable and accurate means of tracking and projecting service demand.

4.    Waitlist Strategic Planning Workgroup

Each of the past few years, only 500-600 people were enrolled onto the DD Waiver and only if they qualified for crisis. To address this problem, the agreement requires APD to invite certain stakeholders (Self-Advocates, Family Care Council, DD Council, Centers for Independent Living, ARC, Disability Rights Florida, and others) to their Waitlist workgroup. The agreement outlines that the Waitlist Workgroup will consider developing ways to meet the needs of those waiting when it comes to housing, transportation, choice and community activities, investing in training for self-advocates, establishing peer connections, new training for Waitlist support coordinators, and a means of tracking and projecting service demand and associated trends.

5.    Employment

Many people waiting for DD Waiver services need waiver services to access long-term employment supports to obtain and maintain a job. Disability Rights Florida will be added to APD’s Employment workgroup. This workgroup is charged with designing a system to support the employment objectives of people with DD who are waiting for DD Waiver services.

During the coming months, if you or someone you know is waiting for services, it is possible to request that APD provide notification about the Waitlist category assigned. This notice must be requested. It is also possible to request reconsideration. Additionally, if you or someone you know needs assistance transitioning out of an ICF/DD, the APD Area/Regional office can be reached to provide a contact person and more information about the transition process.

Disability Rights Florida will continue to provide free and confidential services to individuals and be actively involved in monitoring the performance of the settlement agreement. Special attention will be placed on the stakeholder-developed comprehensive plan. Florida needs such a plan to meet the needs of those waiting for services as well as to continue the process of diverting and deinstitutionalizing those waiting in ICF/DDs or nursing homes. Over 3000 of the 21,000 people on the DD Waiver Waitlist live in an institution or are expected to need care in the next 12 months because of caregiver or behavioral issues. Another 209 report their caregiver as being over the age of 70. Moreover, approximately 115 people with DD on the Waitlist currently reside in nursing homes. We consider these to be urgent problems requiring a comprehensive plan developed by Florida’s stakeholders and we know you do too.

For more information, please contact Sylvia W. Smith, Director of Legislative and Public Affairs at

Therap National Conference – A Big Success!

Therap National Conference pic1In preparation for Therap Services pre-conference meetings on Monday, some of us came in early on Sunday to catch the Superbowl at a local Sports Bar-Redds, right across the street from the Met-Life Stadium where the Giants and Jets play!  It was sweet victory for New York and very exciting to be in the middle of it all!

We had a great conference with around 350 attendees, 3 days of over 35 sessions including: Basic to Advanced User sessions, Provider Organizations Special Topic sessions and Brainstorming with Therap Programmers! 

Therap National Conference pic2

Of course, being New York, we always take a trip to “The City” and what a great time of eating pizza, walking around Manhattan to look at the sites!  

Therap National Conference pic3

                           Therap National Conference pic4   Therap National Conference pic5

If you missed it, you can still get to one of our Regional Conferences this year.  Check out when we are coming to a town near you!

Therap 2012.0 Released: Lots of New Features!


Therap 2012.0 Released!


We are now on version 2012.0 of the Therap Applications. We have worked relentlessly on getting the system up and running with lots of new and exciting features and updates. We hope to receive your valuable feedback on the new features.



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