Regional Workshop in Savannah, Georgia

Therap is happy to announce the onsite Regional Workshop in Savannah, Georgia for 2019. The event will be held on June 27, 2019. The workshop is going to be a one-day event of sessions by Georgia Therap experts and a chance to network with your counterparts from across the state. The event will be a good place to learn about recent developments in the Therap system, as well as individual support documentation and reporting, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and training management from the technology leader in the developmental disabilities field. The training intensive event will include beginner, intermediate, and advanced level sessions conducted by Therap experts on various Therap modules. This event is only for Therap customers or prospective customers and other approved or invited guests.

Did you know?

Georgia providers working under the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) are using Therap’s HIPAA compliant software services to meet quality assurance, personal outcomes measuring and person-centered service documentation goals.

Know your presenter:

Jason Laws is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. Prior to joining Therap, he has worked in various capacities including direct support, case management, and program management. Jason has managed projects on workforce development, transitioning from congregate care to individualized models of support, and community integration for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Free Webinar: How To Use Therap To Meet Requirements In Georgia With A Provider’s Perspective

Join free webinar on a provider’s perspective of using Therap to meet state requirements of Georgia on November 15 at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

Therap Certified Trainer (expert user), Kristy Dominy is Payroll Specialist at Diversified Enterprises in Georgia, with 17 years of experience in this field and is a certified Direct Support Professional. She will be presenting on how her agency uses Therap to meet the requirements of the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities. Providers across Georgia are using Therap to meet quality assurance, personal outcomes measuring and person-centered service documentation goals.

Kristy will be talking about GA HRST data tracking logs, PCA worksheets/task sheets, Nursing Notes, DDP visits, and Home Inspections. This is a great opportunity from the agencies in Georgia to learn more about the usages of the modules that Therap has.

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To know more about Therap’s modules in Georgia, go to our state page. 

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