Therap 2012.0 Released: Lots of New Features!


Therap 2012.0 Released!


We are now on version 2012.0 of the Therap Applications. We have worked relentlessly on getting the system up and running with lots of new and exciting features and updates. We hope to receive your valuable feedback on the new features.



Florida ARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

September 21st & 22nd, Florida ARF and Respect of Florida celebrated their Annual Meeting in Clearwater Beach Florida.

Picture of Florida ARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

As a Gold Sponsor of FARF, Therap Services Exhibited our product and I gave a brief presentation on the status of Therap working with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, to test the export data from Therap to the Florida APD CCR system.  The number of organizations using Therap in Florida continues to grow with many organisations coming from FARF membership.  These provider agencies share with each other the tremendous benfits and positive experiences using Therap, and so, we continuento grow from  Coast to Coast.  An additonal benefit for FARF members, is a 15% discount off of the List Price.  In financially challenging times like this, with Therap already being so affordable and saving providers time & money, this is a fantastic deal!  So, give me a call or come visit me at our next meeting.

Picture of Therap Booth in FARF & Respect of Florida Annual Meeting

Barry Pollack   386-212-3201




Exciting New Feature to be Released in Version 9.1

Check out this Webinar in Justin’s Blog about “Unification” and tracking outside referrals made from Service Coordinators, Case Managers, Etc.   This release makes Therap functionality very good for Coordinating Services and Referrals and includes some nice new Admin features as well.  It is very cool!!!

Justin’s Blog: Release 9.1 Webinar

“Sweet Home Alabama…”

This week we are travelling across Birmingham visiting with my UCP friends and Colleagues!  When in the Gulf Coast Region one has to eat Oysters, so Yes!, Kris Keppler and i had to visit “The Original Oyster House” in Mobile, Alabama.

And…What great Sunsets!                         Home to the USS Alabama!

SunsetUSS Alabama

And the Battleship Memorial Park

Battleship Memorial Park

UCP, United Cerebral Palsy organizations are each unique and specially different!  UCP of Greater Birmingham and their President/CEO, Dr. Gary Edwards have created a very impressive and special program.  When you visit their children and adults services, you have seen some of the most impressive and inspiring programs and facilities in the Country!

Off to Pensacola, Florida!

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