Capture staff and individual attendance with a single click. Therap’s staff ratio tool is designed to capture in/out attendance quickly and easily and as often as required. The data collected is electronically signed and designed to capture data in real time. However, if a mistake is made it can be corrected.

Supervisors can check in from a central office during the day to verify staffing ratio at central or remote locations. At the end of the day Therap’s ratio tracking tool will produce a spreadsheet with staffing ratios.

As with all Therap products the staff Ratio Tracking can be used with standard browser and works great on tablets.

  • Track overlapping attendance time of staff to individuals
  • Customize templates that contain staff and individuals for different shifts and worksites
  • Generate detailed report that provides data on staff or individuals
  • Check ratio report- it contains information of staff and individuals present at a program over a certain time