Just spent a wonderful weekend at Sylhet where Naimul Huda, Misbah, Syduzzaman and I attended the CSE Carnival at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST). Therap attended a 3-day long Job Fair there and also participated at an hour long seminar, presenting Therap to the students. The entire event was put together by the students of the CSE Society at SUST. The Carnival also hosted a Programming Contest and a Software Exposition where participants from universities all over Bangladesh came to demonstrate their projects.

Day one, after an hour of banner pulling and tape cutting, we had finally set the stall up for the fair!

Putting up the banners....

Putting up the banners....

Almost done with the stall setup.

We then attended the inaugration ceremony where the Vice-Chancellor officially started the fair. This was followed by a speech from the honorable Chairman of the CSE Department, Md. Zafar Iqbal.

... and the Carnival begins!

Anondo Rally

Misbah and Syduzzaman who are also from the same university, enthusiastically spent the rest of the day at the stall discussing job prospects at Therap with the students of SUST.

Students gathering at the stall.

On the second day of the carnival, the university hosted a seminar to give us a platform to introduce the company to a large group of students. Here, Naimul Huda presented to CSE graduates, telling them about our company’s work environment, current projects and future prospects. He was then showered with questions and feedback from the graduates which makes us believe that the seminar was a success!

Naim speaking at the seminar....

The third day was more of staying at the stall for Syduzzaman and Misbah, but they took turns and snuck out of the stall to see what projects were exhibited at the Expo.

This event gave us the opportunity to get aquainted to many students and teachers from universites outside Dhaka and other key people in the industry. We look forward to having more team members from this university and hope to attend future events hosted by the them. We wish the students at SUST all the very best!