This session is intended to offer training, advice and guidance for implementation of the Therap Health Tracking Module.

After using this module for years, the benefits of increased accountability and saving time are huge.

  •        This session will review the different components of the Health Tracking module one by one.
  •        Discuss the importance of a thorough staff training process of each module, and discuss the benefits of adding one component at a time when deciding to implement this module.
  •        Discuss the Review List and the benefits of having this list. Who reviews? What happens when a surveyor wants to make sure the nurse or a specific person was aware of something?
  •        Review how to run a Health Tracking Monthly Report- the nurse’s monthly summary of individuals in their caseload.
  •        Review how to run a Health Care Report- a longer and more detailed report.
  •        Where else does this Health Tracking information go?
  •        Discuss the overall benefits of having this health information in one standard place and a few clicks away for the nursing, QI and administrative staff.
  •        Discuss the benefits of having these reports available for community providers.

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