Ryan-Sullivan-from-The-Institute-of-Professional-Practice,-Inc-151108Recruitment Strategy and Tools:

-Assess basic computer skills during the new hires process

-PC Application Work Stations. Applicants complete online, at a pc, in your office

-Testing: Applicants complete basic computer skills testing:

Brief Discussion on: Organizational Strategy and Philosophy, Leadership and Culture. Ensure that we involve the senior leadership so that company values and culture aligns with these plans. Develop a plan for your agency that answers these questions:

-Do we hire only DSPs with pc skills, or do we invest in providing training?

-What type of pc skills does our workforce need?

-List by position, and match to your organizational chart.

Training Tools:

-Free online tools, to use with staff, to build their skills: Walk through these online.

Advanced Training Tools for Therap Use

-Screen Casts: Make Therap Training Videos for Staff in Snag-IT

-YouTube/Vimeo for Business. Make your own page and upload your training videos.

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