Josh-Dezurik-form-Dungarvin,-MN-151112Like most companies using Therap, Dungarvin spent a tremendous amount of time and effort rolling out Therap. However, once Therap was rolled out to the programs, there was a question of what do we do with this massive amount of information that we are collecting each day. There are countless reports that can be reviewed, but there is only so much time in the day and the sophistication level of each user varies greatly. To tackle this issue Dungarvin began developing a Quality Dashboard using Therap data to monitor key service elements. This Dashboard tool has now been largely completed and Dungarvin is starting to see the effect of leveraging the information. This session will cover the Dungarvin Quality Dashboard tools and demonstrate the ability to meet the needs of a diverse audience while still producing actionable results for multiple organizational levels. Additionally Dungarvin and Therap began a partnership to develop these tools on the Therap Business Intelligence platform. With this joint venture these tools can also be a window into what the business intelligence tool will provide. You’ve already spent the time entering the information into Therap, now see what insights this information can provide through analytics.

This session will provide a quick overview/explanation of the tools as well as time for Q & A.

Come join us at Therap National Conference 2016.

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