Join our free Therap team led webinar on Behavior Event Reports and Behavior Planning. Therap team member, Stephen Flanigan, will be discussing two major components of the Behavior Tracking module on Therap: BER and Behavior Plans.

The Behavior Tracking module lets behavior specialists create a behavior plan and record behavior events and intervention details as outlined in that plan.

  • Using the Behavior Plan section one can enter target behaviors and interventions for an Individual and specify which are recommended and/or discouraged. Staff members can choose the behaviors and interventions from an extensive list available in the system. Behavior antecedents and their descriptions can also be entered in details.
  • Behavior Event Records can be used to record behaviors and their corresponding interventions. When recording a behavior event, the behavior plan is shown so that users can refer to the recommendations of the behaviorist and select one or more behavior/intervention pairs from the plan

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