Therap is happy to announce it’s Quality Assurance User Group Quarterly Webinar Call which will be held on November 2, 2018, at 1 PM ET/10 PM PT. These calls are an opportunity for learning and discussing amongst quality assurance professionals and others involved with quality assurance activities in organizations using Therap. This call will be focused on using Therap and Excel to identify missing or incomplete documentation for various modules:

Individual Data Forms

Using the Export IDF for Import and IDF Detail reports identifying blank fields in the Individual Data Form.

Using the IDF Update Information report to ensure IDFs are up to date.

ISP Data

Using Pivot Tables to count ISP Data – Compare expected numbers to actual numbers

Comparing ISP Data Durations to hours worked by the service provider

Using ISP Data Exception Report to identify days with no data

Individual Support Plan

Using the Individual Support Plan search to identify individuals who do not have a current support plan in the system

MAR/Health Tracking

Using the report Appointment Report – All Appointments Results for Individuals to identify appointments without results and attachments

Using the Due Medications report and MAR Report – Individuals and their Medications to identify holes in the MAR (medicines that were scheduled but not documented)

Come join us on our next Quality Assurance Group webinar to learn more about how DDO works and to discuss with Therap’s DDO team strategies for identifying meaningful domains and maximizing the value of your service data. Our team will highlight strategies already being used by providers around the country and there will also be an opportunity to share with the group what you’re doing in your own organizations and to ask questions to inform your agency’s practice in facilitating outcomes for service recipients.

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