As an administrator, a user creates and manages Programs, Sites and User Accounts. The efficiency of the Therap System largely depends on the correct assignment of user roles and access privileges. It is the administrator who creates and assigns these roles and privileges to the users of the application. As an administrator, a user has the option to create/update the password policy, create/maintain custom fields and track activities of other users within the agency. S/he is also responsible for maintaining shared contacts of the organization.

Administrators are central to successful implementation of the Therap system in a provider agency. One or more admin accounts are set up assigning all administrative roles while creating a provider account for the agency.

Therap’s new release 2018.4.0 has Two Factor Authentication (2FA). The Two Factor Authentication (2FA) module is an optional security feature that provides an extra layer of security by requiring users to enter an additional One Time Password after logging into the application. Users with the Super Admin Administrative Role will need to send requests to the Therap team via ‘My Issues’ to have this feature enabled for their agency account.

In the updated Provider Administration module, instead of requiring both the Super Admin and User Administrative Roles, users will now be able to Force or Disable 2FA during login per user with only the User Administrative Role.

The new and improved Provider Administration module is more secure and user-friendly to record data. Click to know more about the Therap Release 2018.4.0 and what new we have in the Provider Administration module for you.