Join our upcoming quarterly nursing user group webinar on Therap’s updated Health Tracking modules. The user group webinar is scheduled for November 15, 2019, at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST. Therap expert’s Gretchen and Fayonne will walk you through the webinar and answer questions that you might have.

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Know the hosts:

Gretchen Falk-Lanfear is a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist and she joined Therap Services in 2016. She previously worked for FAVARH (The ARC of the Farmington Valley) in CT as a Residential Manager for 15 years and served as a PMT Instructor.

Fayonne Johnson joined Therap in 2013 and is currently working as a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist. She comes from a Nursing background with extensive experience in caring for and documenting the needs of children and adults with emotional and mental disorders, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s, in a clinical setting.

Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different types of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. It gives a flexible way to record and follow up on Appointments and medical issues including Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and more.

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