Join our free webinar “Billing from ISP Data using Unit Calculation Rules” scheduled on 31 March, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST. Our Therap experts Nadine Sturgess and Toni-Ann Larnaitis will walk you through the webinar and answer questions you may have.

This webinar will review applying Unit Calculation Rules to the ISP Data method of data collection on your service authorization, the setup and how it functions. Using the ‘ISP Billing (Using Unit Calculation Rule)’ feature, users are able to generate Billing through ISP Data for a defined Unit Calculation Rule. Billing Data can be generated directly for provided services or by using ISP Data, Attendance data and Case Notes collected for the provided services.

Know the Presenters

Nadine Sturgess is the Director of Billing and Special Projects in Therap with experience in working with a large provider in New York State holding various roles, most notably Senior Residential Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager. In Therap, she works closely with the Billing and Support teams to pursue new billing opportunities.

Toni-Ann Larnaitis joined Therap Services as a Billing Specialist in May 2019. Prior to Therap, Toni-Ann spent more than 14 years in the field of Development/Intellectual Disabilities. She worked 2 years in Administration as a Therap Trainer and Billing Specialist for Group Homes.

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