Therap is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar which will be held on Provider Admin Resources. Join this instructive webinar on 16th June, 2020 at 2:00 PM (ET) for Part 1 of the 2 Webinar Series. The adept Therap members, Bonnie Sorrells and Connie O’Neill will walk you through a detailed overview of some of the essential parts of the module.

The Part 1 of the webinar series on Provider Admin will discuss Speedround Sites, Programs, Super Roles, Caseloads, User Privileges and HIPAA considerations. These features of Therap’s suite of applications are essential as they allow initial setup of your accounts and help you to set up privileges for specific user access. Therap understands the significance of HIPAA compliance for health information privacy and ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) remains secure in the platform at all times.

Meet your Presenters: 

Bonnie Sorrells has been the Training & Implementation Specialist at Therap Services since 2018. She had introduced the Therap system at her previous agency in 2013 and has been working since then as the administrator and primary Therap in-house trainer. Bonnie has acquired more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in areas including HIPAA training, case management, supported employment, medication management and behavioral planning.

Connie O’Neill is fulfilling the role of Training & Implementation Specialist at Therap Services since 2019. She has 5 cumulative years of experience in using the Therap system and also served as the Provider administrator. Connie has over 5 years of specialized expertise in working with adults with Developmental Disabilities.

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