Therap is delighted to invite you to join our upcoming webinar on Leveraging Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts on Therap’s LTSS software. This webinar is scheduled to be presented on 30th June, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PT). Therap specialists, Jody Traina and Mike McNeely, will be there to demonstrate the effective techniques you can apply to make daily documentation more accurate and efficient for you.

Therap’s suite of applications has been designed with features that accommodate users to flexibly perform Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Through this webinar, you will learn how to pull data from significant Therap modules for analysis. You can efficiently organize and summarize the extracted data to create interactive pivot tables and pivot charts. You can then utilize these tables and charts to analyze comparisons as well as identify noteworthy patterns and relationships. You can track trends in ISP Data and GERs, audit for missing data or discrepancies, and much more!

Click here to secure your spot for this webinar and learn how to leverage Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts!