Less than a week remaining for our upcoming webinar on “GER Series – GER Basics (Session 1 of 3)”! The webinar has been scheduled for 1st of July, 2020 at 02:00 PM (ET). This informative session will be presented by accomplished members of our Therap Services team,

  • Tricia Woods, and 
  • Katy Lilly

The General Event Reports (GER) module is an essential tool by Therap designed to report incidents, such as injury, medication error, restraint death and so on. This module is used by agencies around the country to store and track incidents regarding individuals that they provide support to. The GER module has been customized based on the requirements of different states and allows multiple related incidents to be recorded on one form.

Contents of the Session:

  • Reviewing the GER
  • Provider Preferences
  • Super Role permissions
  • Text/email notifications set-up
  • All GER types including Med Error

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