Therap is thrilled to invite you to join our upcoming webinar on ‘Introduction to Time Tracking’! This session is scheduled to be held on 14th July, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST). You will get the opportunity to explore the amazing world of Time Tracking module with Therap’s specialized team members, Margaret Gordon and Elizabeth Stanton. Join this informative webinar to make your intellectual and developmental disability documentation effortless and efficient! 

Therap offers the Time Tracking module to assist in recording data based on time, including but not limited to mood, sleep, toileting, repositioning, behavior, bed checks, restrictive device, specialized intake/elimination (i.e. Ostomy), community inclusion or outings, adaptive equipment, accountability, falls and Pica sweeps. In order to excellently support the achievement of desired outcomes for the individuals under your care, you can create Time Tracking Templates as required and record data to generate reports for reviewing. All users can utilize these features as it is a part of the ‘Therap Basic Package’. Through this webinar, you will learn to track the progress of individuals so that desirable outcomes can be achieved.

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