Regional Conference for the Arizona Developmental Disability Providers

Our regional conference in Chandler, Arizona is just 2 weeks away. The conference is scheduled to take place from October 29-30, 2018! The conference is going to be two full days of sessions by Therap experts. Like our other regional conferences, it will be a great opportunity to network with the people from the Arizona developmental disability providers service industry and share knowledge amongst colleagues. Learn how Therap is working in the state of Arizona and how it is aligned with the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

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Conference highlights will include:

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level training

  • Therap Health Tracking Records
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Individual Support Plans & Service Tracking
  • Service Authorizations & Electronic Billing
  • Electronic Visit Verification documentation
    for compliance with 21st Century
    CURES Act
  • Business Intelligence and Data Driven Outcomes

One of the topics covered in this regional conference for the Arizona developmental disability providers will be  maximizing the value of data collected through ISP Programs by structuring scoring methods in a way that is conducive to meaningful data aggregation. The discussion will also include the impact of scoring methods on assessing overall quality assurance through the use of Data Driven Outcomes (DDO). Therap’s Data-Driven Outcomes tool supports Evidence-Based Approaches to Providing Optimal Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. The Data Driven Outcomes (DDO) and Business Intelligence Dashboard tools formulate data and generate outcome reporting in simple, digestible formats. Therap’s DDO tool equips support teams and oversight agencies with customized data to measure performance outcomes and state compliance requirements to drive quality outcomes.

*This event is only for Therap customers or prospective customers and other approved or invited guests.

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To learn more, please visit our Arizona state page.

Free Webinar: Tracking Outcomes with ISP Programs, May 6, 2016, 1 PM EST

Join our free Therap team led webinar on Tracking Outcomes with ISP Programs. Therap team member, Stephen Flanigan, will be discussing the ISP Program module and set person centered goals, objective and scoring methods to track and measure outcomes.

ISP Program module is designed to facilitate the development of a detailed Plan with scoring methods that track progress on specific goals and individual skills. The ISP Program modules is used to design and document teaching programs that track training goals or objectives for an Individual.

An ISP Program can be further subdivided, breaking a program into one or more tasks. Tasks assigned can be evaluated by using a Scoring Method such as Yes/No, Level of Independence, or one that is user-defined. These scores determine the level of success in each task.

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Printing Signature Sheets for ISP Tracking Data

Did you know its possible to print out PDF signature sheets for individual service plan (ISP) tracking data? You can!

Just find (use the search option in the ISP Data area to do this easily) the ISP Data form and open it. At the bottom of the data form you will find a link to printable signature sheet.


Simple when you know how. :)


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New ISP Template for G-tube Placement Check

A new Individual Service Plan (ISP) template for G-tube placement and positioning is available in Therap’s Global ISP Template Library. Jim Kelly is the author of this template.

G-Tube Placement ISP Template

The purpose of this tool is to “measure the length of feeding tube extending from the wafer to the bottom of the tape (or marking) as a way of checking for the possible movement of the tube before tube feeding, medications, and/or water are administered.” Documentation is needed every time this task is completed.

As with other templates in Therap’s Global ISP Template Library, this will be available to all users of Therap Individual Service Plans.

The Global ISP Template Library contains many useful service plans, created by users in different organizations. Users are able to import and customize them as needed. There is an option to see how many people have viewed a particular template and also rate them on a scale of 1-5. Residents’ Rights, Fire Drill Report and Adaptive Equipment Inspection are among the highest rated ISP templates in the library.

Global ISP Template Library

Visit the Global ISP Template Library and browse through these templates. You might find just what you are looking for.