Come explore how to use Therap’s Document Storage Module!

We are delighted to announce that our webinar on the Document Storage module is two weeks away! Join this upcoming webinar on 30th April, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST). Our Training & Implementation Specialists, Bonnie Sorrells and Connie O’Neill, will be hosting this online event to enhance your knowledge and clarify any confusions regarding the usage of the Document Storage module from the Therap suite of applications.

This upcoming webinar will look particularly at the processes involved in using Individual Document Storage and Agency Wide Document Storage. Therap’s Document Storage module can assist you in storing various important external documents for individuals. You will have the convenience of having all the external documents stored under one electronic system with increased but selective accessibility. Viewing them from one dedicated place will prove to be more efficient and effortless!

Know the Presenters:

Bonnie Sorrells has been the Training & Implementation Specialist at Therap since 2018. She was introduced to the Therap system in 2013 when she was the administrator at her previous agency and later on became primary Therap in-house trainer. Bonnie has 15 years of experience and training in supported employment, HIPAA, medication management, behavioral planning and case management. 

Connie O’Neill is the Training & Implementation Specialist at Therap since 2019. She previously served as the Provider Administrator when she had first begun using the Therap application. Therefore, she has five years of cumulative experience in using Therap. Connie’s other past professional roles during her career include Director of Quality Assurance, Direct Care Professional as well as Training and Curriculum Development.

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