Business Intelligence: Health Tracking Reporting in Therap

We are happy to announce our upcoming webinar on Business Intelligence: Health Tracking Reporting in Therap. Join us to take a look at various reporting options for Therap’s Health Tracking module, including using the Report Library and Therap’s Business Intelligence Health Tracking Dashboard. Catherine and Jason will walk you through this webinar which is scheduled on April 18, 2019 (1 pm ET/10 am PT).

Through the Business Intelligence module of Therap, users can aggregate agency-wide data and utilize meaningful reports/dashboards for multiple modules that allow for identification of trends, execution of quality assurance activities, and assessment of overall agency performance in supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD). The Health Tracking Dashboard contains a statistical representation of health data pulled from the Health Tracking module. This allows the aggregation and comparison of data at oversight, provider, program, and individual levels.

Features of Health Tracking Dashboard include: 

  • Aggregates Health Tracking data such as Appointments, Seizures, Height, and Weight to analyze individuals’ health status and progress.
  • Allows statistical analysis of Diagnosis Groups across states and counties.
  • Provides summaries and longitudinal analyses of various types of health-related components by year and by month.

About the presenters:

Catherine Hauser is a Training and Implementation Specialist at Therap. Her experience in the developmental disabilities field began in 2005 in Illinois as a Direct Support Person. Catherine introduced Therap to her agency and was able to see both the immediate and long-lasting benefits offered by all of Therap’s services.

Jason Laws is a Business Development Consultant at Therap. He has worked in direct support, case management, program management and executive director of a nonprofit service provider. Jason has previously managed projects on workforce development, individualized models of support, and community integration for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

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Free Webinar- DDO done right: Tips for a successful Implementation

Join us for a free webinar on Therap’s Data Driven Outcome module on September 18, 2018 from 2 pm ET/11 am PT which will highlight important considerations to ensure successful preparation and implementation of the Data-Driven Outcomes Business Intelligence Module including

  • Team Development
  • Pilot Groups
  • Service Evaluation

Therap’s Data Driven Outcomes (DDO) and Business Intelligence Dashboard tools formulate data and generate outcome reporting in simple, digestible formats. Therap’s DDO tool equips support teams and oversight agencies with customized data to measure performance outcomes and state compliance requirements to drive quality outcomes. Data collection and reporting has become even more crucial as providers and agencies shift to value-based care, where health care outcomes are measured against the cost of healthcare delivery. Therap supports agencies and providers with the data and intelligence to run smoothly, efficiently and in compliance with state and federal regulations. This session will be led by Fayonne Johnson, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist.

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