Attendance: From Setup to Reports

We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar on ‘Attendance: From Setup to Reports’ which will be held on November 22, 2019 at 2:30 PM (EST) / 11:30 AM (PST). Participants in this webinar will get an overview of the Attendance module.

The Attendance module is an easy and accurate entry of program attendance data. It supports a user-friendly interface, update capability, provision for approval and access checking. Moreover, the participants will also learn how they can use the module to record information for the individuals that they support.

About the Speakers

Devin Hardy, who is a Training & Implementation Specialist, joined the Therap team in 2017. He comes with 7 years of experience working with individuals that have Developmental Disabilities. He helped with the implementation of Therap at the Sunrise Community and served on the pilot team for the State of Alabama while the decision to use Therap was being discussed across the state.

Bonnie Sorrells joined the Therap Services team as a Training and Implementation Specialist in 2018. She previously worked for Ouachita Enrichment Centers in South Arkansas as the Director of Adult Services and HIPAA Coordinator. She has been working with the Therap system at her prior agency since 2013 as the administrator and primary Therap in-house trainer.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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Therap Training Academy Course on Attendance Data

Therap announces new Training Academy course on Attendance Data. This course will guide you through the process of collecting attendance information for individuals that you support. The Attendance module is a great tool for easily tracking people’s statuses and can be used for billing as well.

This course is designed for users responsible for inputting, updating, or approving attendance data for individuals they support.

Topics Covered include:

  • Attendance Data
  • Introduction
  • Recording Attendance Data
  • We’re Here to Help
  • Total Approximate Duration: 7 min

Click here to take the course.

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Medicaid Audits and Quality Assurance

Medicaid audit is a quality control procedure carried out to ensure that particular services are being provided in accordance with federal and state regulations and that the documentation and billing practices demonstrates accuracy and integrity. During audits, providers are faced with a number of difficulties such as reporting decentralized service delivery and locating necessary documentation, ensuring quality and accuracy of documented information, exceeding service authorizations or failing to maximize utilization. Having a bad audit results in the loss of revenue for providers and more importantly, loss of valuable services for individuals.

Therap users go through audit with minimal, if any problems. This is because:

Service authorizations specifying services, unit rate, total amounts and expiration date are saved electronically along with a scanned copy of the original document from the State.

Service hours from program attendance records and ISP outcome tracking data are immediately reported against appropriate service authorizations.

Billing data can be easily traced back to service authorizations, and service plans.

Utilization management reports can be created to track average usage and remaining balance.

Online alerts and text messages are issued when service authorizations are about to expire or exceed given limits.

All these information is readily available online, within just a few clicks or taps. As a user once put it, – “(with Therap) you would have to ignore a lot of information to have a bad audit”.

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