Information & Referral (I&R) Overview

With great pleasure we are announcing our upcoming webinar titled “Information & Referral (I&R) Overview” is scheduled for May 11, 2020 at 01:00 PM EST. Therap experts Jeff Covington, Elizabeth Stanton and Caiti Woodburn will give you an overview of the Information and Referral module, how to set up and use the module.

Therap’s Information and Referral module is designed for you to create Information and Referral (I&R) forms to include call information, assessments, tasks, follow ups and more which would help your agency to take decisions concerning the referral.

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Know the presenters

Jeff Covington is the Director of State Implementation who joined Therap Services back in 2014. Jeff’s role is to oversee the implementation of Therap for States.  Jeff has extensive experience in project management and leading a diverse team to successful outcomes.

Elizabeth Stanton joined The Therap Services team as a Training and Implementation Specialist in 2020. Liz has previous experience working with a large provider in New York State for 16 years.

Caiti Woodburn started at Therap Services in 2017 as Training & Implementation Specialist. She began working in the DD industry in 2008 as a Cabin Staff member at Wonderland Camp in Rocky Mount, MO.

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Scheduling/EVV Module Overview

Therap Services is pleased to announce that an upcoming webinar named “Scheduling/EVV Module Overview” has been scheduled for you on May 06, 2020 at 01:00 PM EST.

Therap’s Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module is designed to meet your needs to build staff schedules, track staff hours, monitor individual service allocation and so on. Our experts will introduce you to the functionalities and advantages of this module such as creating schedules, offline scheduling, check-in/out for scheduled shifts, and generate available reports for this module.

Know the presenters

Chelsea Lloyd is a Training & Implementation Specialist who joined Therap Services in 2019. She has worked in the DD/MH field for 12+ years and has experience working directly in Maryland and Georgia.

Tracy Linko, currently a State Implementation Specialist, started at Therap Services Team as a Billing Specialist in 2016. Tracy has 13 years of experience working for a software company and over 9 years in Accounting/Finance with an MBA and MS.

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Health Information Exchange (HIE): Data In/Data Out

Less than two weeks remaining for our webinar on “Health Information Exchange (HIE): Data In/Data Out”! We have scheduled the webinar on April 28, 2020 at 01:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT) with the objective to give you an overview of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) module by our very own Therap expert Fayonne Johnson.

This webinar will bring you the opportunity to learn about Therap’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) module. The purpose of this module is to make the exchange of health information regarding individuals between hospitals and agencies using Therap Applications easier. 

Know the presenter

Fayonne Johnson who is currently a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist, joined Therap  Services back in 2013. She comes from a Nursing background with extensive experience in caring for documenting needs of children and adults with emotional and mental disorders, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s, in a clinical setting.

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Welcome Jordan!

Jordan Mar

Our Training and Implementation Team just got bigger. The newest member is Jordan Mar from Kansas City, Missouri. She will be working at our mid-west office with Chris & Jeff.

Jordan has been supporting people with disabilities from her high school days at the Lincoln Northeast High where she took care of an elementary school kid with special needs during her lunchtime, twice a week. After graduation she moved to Utah and stated working for the Dan Peterson school for children with special needs. During that time she also worked for Rise providing in-home support for children and adults with special needs. She also helped run a summer program for Rise and did respite care on the weekends.

During college days, Jordan worked in public schools as an early childhood special education paraprofessional, with 3-5 year olds with autism and other developmental disabilities. Later on she participated in a Management Training Program through Developmental Services of Nebraska. She also helped at two group homes in Nebraska; one was a home for young boys with autism and the other for men considered to be high risk to the community.

After completion of the program, Jordan moved to Kansas City, Missouri where she was the Residential Supervisor for five homes in the Kansas City area.

Jordan went to the University of Nebraska to pursue a degree in education. She is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education through the distance education program offered by the University of Nebraska.

Jordan will attend Therap’s National Provider Administration conference in New Jersey next month, with other members of the Training and Implementation team.

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