Therap Version 2013.2 Releasing on July 20, 2013

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing Version 2013.2 of Therap applications this July 27, 2013.

8 Hours Downtime Ahead
This release will require Therap to be unavailable for approximately 8 hours starting from:

Eastern Time: 01:00AM (July 27, 2013 to 09:00AM (July 27, 2013)
Central Time: 12:00AM (July 27, 2013) to 08:00AM (July 27, 2013)
Mountain Time: 11:00PM (July 26, 2013) to 07:00AM (July 27, 2013)
Pacific Time: 10:00PM (July 26, 2013) to 06:00AM (July 27, 2013)

To learn more about the new features included in this release, view the Release Notes for Therap 2013.2. You may also go through the User Guides for the new modules and features.

You may download the Therap Offline Forms and use them when Therap will be unavailable for approximately 8 hours due to the release.

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Drug-Allergy and Drug-Drug Interaction

As a part of the work towards CCHIT compliance, enhancements have been made to Therap Allergy Profiles and Medication History to show drug-allergy and drug-drug interactions in these two interlinked forms. If there is a chance of an allergic reaction or an adverse reaction due to medication, the information is highlighted in prominent red fonts so that they have less chance of being overlooked.

allergy profile

When a new allergy is added, the system checks it against active medications and issues a warning if there is a chance of an adverse reaction.

allergy profile

Again, if an active allergy has a conflict with an active medication, users are shown a warning.

Medication history

Drug-allergy information is also shown on the Medication History page. In addition to drug-allergy interactions, drug-drug interaction information is also shown.

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Towards CCHIT: New modules expected in January

As you probably know, Therap is working towards CCHIT compliance by mid January, 2012.

Existing and enhanced features such as Allergy Profiles and normal range definitions with vital signs are the results of that goal. Moving ahead, we will be adding a number of completely new modules to meet CCHIT requirements. These will include:

  • Medication Profile – to display an Individual’s current medications, Home medications, Review of medications and Reconciliations under a single page.
  • Medication Reconciliation – the ability to capture a signature or the User ID and the date stamp, as per the CCHIT requirements, to indicate that medication reconciliation has been completed at admission, discharge and each change in level of care during the facility stay.
  • Home Medication – to record and to display home medications.
  • Individual History – to document and manage Individual’s historical data including chief complaints, present illness, medical, social and family history, assessment plans, physical examinations and other information.
  • Individual Care Plan – to create care plans for each Individual. Furthermore, users will be able to upload Care Plans to the Global Template Library and import Approved Care Plans created by users of other agencies.
  • Physician Information – to be able to add NPI Number, UPIN Number, DEA Number and License Number for Physician users.

These features are expected to be released in mid January, along with other modules and enhanced features in Therap’s version 2012.0.


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