Information & Referral (I&R) Overview

With great pleasure we are announcing our upcoming webinar titled “Information & Referral (I&R) Overview” is scheduled for May 11, 2020 at 01:00 PM EST. Therap experts Jeff Covington, Elizabeth Stanton and Caiti Woodburn will give you an overview of the Information and Referral module, how to set up and use the module.

Therap’s Information and Referral module is designed for you to create Information and Referral (I&R) forms to include call information, assessments, tasks, follow ups and more which would help your agency to take decisions concerning the referral.

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Know the presenters

Jeff Covington is the Director of State Implementation who joined Therap Services back in 2014. Jeff’s role is to oversee the implementation of Therap for States.  Jeff has extensive experience in project management and leading a diverse team to successful outcomes.

Elizabeth Stanton joined The Therap Services team as a Training and Implementation Specialist in 2020. Liz has previous experience working with a large provider in New York State for 16 years.

Caiti Woodburn started at Therap Services in 2017 as Training & Implementation Specialist. She began working in the DD industry in 2008 as a Cabin Staff member at Wonderland Camp in Rocky Mount, MO.

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Overview of Therap’s Imports – Importing Individuals, Users, Shared Contacts, and more!

We welcome you to join our upcoming webinar on Therap’s Imports which is scheduled to run on 8th April, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST.  

Therap’s adept Senior Training & Implementation Specialists, Tricia Woods and Sarah Christiansen will guide you through a comprehensive overview of the several essential Importing features that are available within Therap software for your seamless experience. You will gain the knowledge to efficiently deal with any errors that you may encounter when importing as well as in times of troubleshooting. What’s more is that you will learn how individuals, users, and medications can be exported from one Therap account to another. Tricia and Sarah will be there to assist you with any questions or concerns. 

More about the Hosts:

Tricia Woods had started her journey with the Therap Training and Implementation team in 2016. In addition to having over 15 years of experience working in the Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities sector prior to joining Therap, Tricia has extensive knowledge of regulations from the previous management roles she had fulfilled within Intermediate care facilities and Life Skills Development Centers (ADTs) in Florida.

Sarah Christiansen has been a part of the Therap Training and Implementation team since 2015. She has over 10 years of experience in working within the Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health field. Sarah feels passionate about her profession within this field as this gives her the opportunity to support individuals to live an enhanced life. 

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National Conference 2012 Begins Today

National Conference for Developmental Disabilities Providers and States

Welcome to Therap’s 2012 National Conference for Provider and State Administrator. From 8 am today in East Hanover, New Jersey, we are up for three exciting days, full of opportunities to learn, share ideas and have fun together. After attending the conference, we will have a better understanding of Therap’s web-based documentation and reporting tools. We will also be well on our way towards a future with the next generation Therap applications.

Here are some information that you may find useful:

Conference Schedule
Check the listing for sessions that interests you.

Floor Plan

Meeting room floor plan at the Ramada Conference Center

Internet access and power charging
Participants will have access to wireless internet and power charging stations at the Ramada.

Network with Peers
With more than 300 attending, Therap’s National Conference will be an excellent place for you to exchange ideas and develop personal networks with developmental disabilities professionals from across the country.

Join our event page on Facebook and share messages and pictures with your peers. Also, feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions for future events.

So, lets get started!

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Custom Form Template Library

In addition to Therap’s regular suite of web-based documentation software for the developmental disability community, Therap has the capability of creating customized forms which support complete work flows, archiving, navigation, and roles like other Therap applications. These forms are normally used to document different types of assessments and special needs.


A number of these custom forms are kept on Therap’s Global Template Library (accessible from Therap FirstPage). Some of the most used custom forms are:

  • Medication Administration Assessment Tool – documents the different medications the individuals are taking, the medium they use to receive the medications and the level of assistance they might need.
  • Personal Property – comprehensive details of properties owned by Individuals.
  • Health Passports – includes an Individual’s Personal Information, Functional Information, Consent Procedures, Medical Information and Medical Problems.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Form – contains information regarding the overall health condition of an individual’s Diagnoses and Physiological Conditions, Safety Issues, Functional level for activities of daily living, Behavioral health issues etc.
  • Risk Management Assessment and Plan – records different risk factors for an individual, assessment on these factors and the plan for the appropriate steps that should be taken when the risk arises.

Click to see a full list of available custom forms.