Managing Service Authorizations and Utilization in Therap

We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar on “Managing Service Authorizations and Utilization in Therap”, scheduled for 25th of June, 2020 at 2:00 PM (ET). This informative session will be presented by accomplished members of our Therap Services team,

  • Marie Roland, and
  • Toni-Ann Larnaitis

Among Therap’s suite of applications, Service Authorization module is designed for agencies to list the services that a funding source will cover for an individual with some additional details like information on the service coordinator, adding comments and attaching files . Whereas, the Utilization Report is a feature of Therap’s Billing module that is used to track Service Units Utilized over a given period of time. During this session, our experts will show you the different ways you can manage service authorizations and billing units in Therap in a comprehensive manner.

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Unit Calculation Rule-Application for ISP Billing

We are very happy to announce our upcoming webinar titled, “Unit Calculation Rule-Application for ISP Billing” that has been scheduled on June 10, 2020 at 02.00 PM ET. Our expert will give you an overview of the application of Unit Calculation rule for ISP Billing.

In order to generate Billing Data from ISP Data you will have to Create ISP Program for Billing, Create ISP Data for Billing, Create Service Authorization for ISP Program, Generate Billing Data from ISP Data and apply the Unit Calculation Rule. Using the ISP Billing (Using Unit Calculation Rule) feature, you will be able to generate Billing through ISP Data for a defined Unit Calculation Rule.

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Know the Presenter

Heather Thornton is a Billing Specialist of the Therap Services team. She has worked in the ID/DD field for over 4 years in various capacities. With her previous agency Heather helped implement Therap from T-logs to billing (and everything in between).

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5010 Electronic Billing – Do’s and Don’ts

Its almost new year and from the very first day of 2012, providers will have to comply with HIPAA v5010 standard for electronic billing transactions. This is not optional – providers are required to do this under federal law.

In the previous post, we have announced that Therap’s Electronic Billing system is now ready for 5010 compliant transactions. Here is a brief summary of changes, do’s and don’ts in the new 5010 complaint system –

• Must enter a 9-digit zip code in the Provider Address section on the Billing Provider form.
• Must enter Primary Diagnosis Code and Diagnosis Code Pointer in Service Description/Code form.
• While creating new Institutional Claim Templates, Admission Type and Patient Status must be selected.

• Must not enter P.O. Box as street address in the Provider Address section in the Billing provider form.

Please note that claims WILL be rejected if these do’s and don’ts are not strictly followed. Details regarding these changes, along with screenshots are provided in this document –

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Uploading Remittance 835 Files

To successfully upload Remittance 835 files (using Therap’s Electronic Billing System), the files should not contain any line breaks or special characters. Remove the wordwrap feature from the 835 files while uploading them and please check if any special characters (~, !, @ etc) are mistakenly entered into the 835 files.

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