Health Plus: Managing a Complete EHR in Therap

According to the report by the World Health Organization ( WHO), about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability, of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning.

We are pleased to announce our upcoming free webinar on “Health Plus: Managing a Complete EHR in Therap” which will be held on the 8th of March, 2019 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Participants in this webinar will get an overview of Therap’s Health Tracking features. Moreover, they will also learn how they can use the module to record information for the individuals they support.

The webinar will be discussed by two of our Therap experts Catherine Hauser who is a Training & Implementation Specialist and Joshua Corzantes who is a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist. Catherine has been in the industry since 2005 and Joshua has been working in this industry since 2002.

In Therap, EHR gives users the advantage of storing electronic documents related to the individual’s health information. Furthermore, a detailed monthly report can be generated from the EHR to observe the individual’s health progress.

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New and News: Preview Scheduled Updates to the Health Tracking Module

Join our free webinar meeting titled “New and News: Preview Schedule Updates to the Health Tracking Module” which is scheduled for February 15, 2019, at 1 pm EST/10 am PT. Fayonne will give you a preview of the upcoming changes on the Therap Health Tracking Module for 2019.

Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track the different type of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. It provides HIPAA Compliant forms and gives flexibility in recording and following up on medical issues including Appointments, Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and more.

Know the Presenter:

Fayonne Johnson is currently a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist who joined Therap back in 2013. Here at Therap, Fayonne provides on-site training and consultation to providers, families, self-advocates, and other users and has presented on numerous conferences and webinars.

Join this free webinar to know more about the scheduled update of the Health Tracking module in Therap. Please note this is a demo session and it will not be recorded. Your feedback is welcome!

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An Overview of Therap

Join our free webinar on Introduction to Therap: Overview scheduled on  January 15, 2019 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. This webinar will give you an overview of Therap features, including how access and privileges can be configured and applied, documentation options and workflows of several forms.

Therap improves the communication within an agency so that team members are aware of the overall progress and health status of the individuals for whom they are responsible for. Along with the ability to share information comes the responsibility of ensuring that only the right people can access the data by setting appropriate privileges. Data exchange between users and Therap is carried over encrypted channels. Therap Offers:

  • Time-stamped documents with electronic signatures
  • Records of activities on documents and reports
  • Multi-level access control and data security

Key personnel within an agency are granted administrative privileges in the system. These users determine the access privileges of users and manage user accounts. Privileges are set for staff according to their roles in the organization. Therap’s multi-level access control mechanism can be used to define a staff member’s level of access to view a particular record and the actions they are able to perform.

Know The Presenters:

Calvin Christensen who is a Business Development Consultant joined Therap Services in 2014. He began working in the mental health and developmental disabilities field in 2010. Calvin worked for an agency in Nebraska who provided services to adults who were considered high risk.

Devin Hardy who is a Training & Implementation Specialist joined the Therap Team in 2017. He comes with 7 years of experience working with individuals that have Developmental Disabilities. He has served in many capacities with his previous employer, Sunrise Community, at their Alabama office in Tuscaloosa.

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Webinar on Health Tracking Appointments with Follow-ups & Calendar

Join our upcoming scheduled webinar on Health Tracking Appointments integrated with Follow-Ups and Calendar. The webinar will be held on January 18, 2019 at 1:00 pm (EST)/ 10:00 am (PST).  Joseph and Seanette will walk you through the Health Tracking module’s Appointments features.

Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track the different type of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. The features of Appointment is an ideal tool for organizing upcoming appointments for individuals. This tool lets user keep track of the reason for the appointment, record appointment results and include follow-ups on future appointments. Consultation Forms can be generated from Appointments. It lets user include useful information such as current medications, Medicaid & Medicare numbers and medical diagnoses.

Some of the features include:

  • Each appointment can be assigned a High, medium or Low notification level
  • Users can view Appointments in 3 different calendar modes: Month, Week and Day
  • Appointment related information is available on the calendar as Quick Notes.

About the Presenters:

Joseph P. Traina is Senior Training & Implementation Specialist of Therap. He began working in the field of supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in 1999.

Seanette Smith is Training and Implementation Specialist of Therap. Prior to joining Therap, she worked in the Development Disability Program in Oregon and has over 10 years of experience as a Billing Specialist.

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Health Tracking Overview

We’re pleased to announce our upcoming free webinar on “Health Tracking Overview” which will be held on 7th December, 2018 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Participants in this webinar will get an overview of Therap’s Health Tracking features. Moreover they will also learn how they can use the module to record information for the individuals that we support.

The webinar will be conducted by Bonnie Sorrels who joined Therap Services as a Training and Implementation Specialist in 2018. She previously worked for Ouachita Enrichment Centers in South Arkansas as the Director of Adult Services and HIPAA Coordinator for 15 years.

Bonnie will discuss about the following topics:

  • Health Tracking intro
  • How does it work
  • Height and weight
  • Savings vs Submitting
  • Vital signs
  • Appointments

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Therap’s Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module

Join our free webinar on our new Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification module which will be held on November 29, 2018 at 02:00 PM EDT. Therap’s Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module has been designed to meet the needs of states and providers who need to build staff schedules (especially for in-home and community-based services), track staff hours, monitor individual service allocation and meet the upcoming federal EVV requirements.


  • Drag and drop calendar features for designing scheduling along with ability to view multiple individuals/staff in an intuitive and clean user interface
  • Schedule can be linked to Service Authorizations to track usage by staff schedules
  • Staff can see their schedule, with location/assignment details, and check in/out quickly and remotely using geo-location timestamps with the mobile application
  • Supported individuals and their families can see the schedule and staff assignments
  • Schedule information directs staff to the right place at the right time; staff know who they will be working with, and what service they will be providing

EVV(Electronic Visit Verification)

**Compliant with upcoming Federal EVV Requirements**

Single swipe check in/out using Android/ iOS app that captures time and date stamp of the entry and records the geolocation

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About the presenters:

Stephanie Norton – Senior Training and Implementation Specialist, Stephanie joined Therap Services as a Training and Implementation Specialist in 2015. She previously worked at United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham as the Manager of Adult Services. Stephanie has worked in the Health & Human Services field since 2008. The majority of her career has been spent supporting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, in Louisiana and Alabama, working in various capacities: Case Manager, QIDP, Employment Specialist and Program Manager.

Nadine Sturgess – Billing Specialist/Special Billing Projects, Nadine joined the Therap team in 2017 as a Billing Specialist/ Special Billing Projects. She works closely with the Billing and Support teams to pursue new billing opportunities. Nadine has experience working with a large provider in New York State holding various roles, most notably Senior Residential Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager. Over the course of 15 years, she has had the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives and also to understand the financial influences surrounding these services.

Electronic Visit Verification Documentation for the 21st Century CURES Act

Therap offers a comprehensive Electronic Visit Verification solution to help facilitate the service delivery authentication process. Therap’s EVV tools can assist providers with collecting data from the point of service by the person who is directly providing the services. For maximum efficiency, Therap’s EVV is combined with scheduling features for building staff schedules so that staff can see location assignments and use map features to navigate to service locations. With geo-location and timestamp features, staff can easily check in/out electronically and remotely with a single swipe from their handheld devices. The app captures time and date stamp of the entry.

Come find out how this module can assist your agency in meeting EVV requirements!

Register now to join and know more about Therap’s Scheduling/EVV module.

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Quality Assurance User Group Quarterly Webinar Call on November 2, 2018

Therap is happy to announce it’s Quality Assurance User Group Quarterly Webinar Call which will be held on November 2, 2018, at 1 PM ET/10 PM PT. These calls are an opportunity for learning and discussing amongst quality assurance professionals and others involved with quality assurance activities in organizations using Therap. This call will be focused on using Therap and Excel to identify missing or incomplete documentation for various modules:

Individual Data Forms

Using the Export IDF for Import and IDF Detail reports identifying blank fields in the Individual Data Form.

Using the IDF Update Information report to ensure IDFs are up to date.

ISP Data

Using Pivot Tables to count ISP Data – Compare expected numbers to actual numbers

Comparing ISP Data Durations to hours worked by the service provider

Using ISP Data Exception Report to identify days with no data

Individual Support Plan

Using the Individual Support Plan search to identify individuals who do not have a current support plan in the system

MAR/Health Tracking

Using the report Appointment Report – All Appointments Results for Individuals to identify appointments without results and attachments

Using the Due Medications report and MAR Report – Individuals and their Medications to identify holes in the MAR (medicines that were scheduled but not documented)

Come join us on our next Quality Assurance Group webinar to learn more about how DDO works and to discuss with Therap’s DDO team strategies for identifying meaningful domains and maximizing the value of your service data. Our team will highlight strategies already being used by providers around the country and there will also be an opportunity to share with the group what you’re doing in your own organizations and to ask questions to inform your agency’s practice in facilitating outcomes for service recipients.

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Regional Conference for the Arizona Developmental Disability Providers

Our regional conference in Chandler, Arizona is just 2 weeks away. The conference is scheduled to take place from October 29-30, 2018! The conference is going to be two full days of sessions by Therap experts. Like our other regional conferences, it will be a great opportunity to network with the people from the Arizona developmental disability providers service industry and share knowledge amongst colleagues. Learn how Therap is working in the state of Arizona and how it is aligned with the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

Register now!

Conference highlights will include:

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level training

  • Therap Health Tracking Records
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Individual Support Plans & Service Tracking
  • Service Authorizations & Electronic Billing
  • Electronic Visit Verification documentation
    for compliance with 21st Century
    CURES Act
  • Business Intelligence and Data Driven Outcomes

One of the topics covered in this regional conference for the Arizona developmental disability providers will be  maximizing the value of data collected through ISP Programs by structuring scoring methods in a way that is conducive to meaningful data aggregation. The discussion will also include the impact of scoring methods on assessing overall quality assurance through the use of Data Driven Outcomes (DDO). Therap’s Data-Driven Outcomes tool supports Evidence-Based Approaches to Providing Optimal Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. The Data Driven Outcomes (DDO) and Business Intelligence Dashboard tools formulate data and generate outcome reporting in simple, digestible formats. Therap’s DDO tool equips support teams and oversight agencies with customized data to measure performance outcomes and state compliance requirements to drive quality outcomes.

*This event is only for Therap customers or prospective customers and other approved or invited guests.

Book your seat now to join our conference.

To learn more, please visit our Arizona state page.

Therap Training Academy Health Tracking Course

Therap announces new Training Academy course on Health Tracking. This course will give an overview of Therap’s Health Tracking features and how you can use them to record important information for the individuals you support. We will show a few of the more common modules in greater detail and provide the skills necessary to document data.

The Health Tracking course is designed for users who are responsible for reviewing and/or inputting health related data for individuals.

Topics Covered include:

  • Health Tracking Intro
  • How does it work
  • Height and Weight
  • Saving vs Submitting
  • Vital Signs
  • Appointments
  • Seizures
  • Intake and Elimination
  • Useful Information
  • We’re here to help
  • Total Approximate Duration : 30 min

The training includes review quizzes, handouts, and a certificate upon training completion.

Click here to take the course.

For more courses from our new Training Academy please click here.

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Certified Trainers Webinars – October and November 2013

There are a series of Webinars coming up, to be conducted by some expert Therap users. Pick the topics from the list below and register now to attend these free online training. You can also note down questions you want answered at these interactive sessions!

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