Certified Trainers Webinars – October and November 2013

There are a series of Webinars coming up, to be conducted by some expert Therap users. Pick the topics from the list below and register now to attend these free online training. You can also note down questions you want answered at these interactive sessions!

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Have you heard about Therap Points Program?

Now, you can win free Conference registrations, hotel bookings, air tickets and many more with Therap Points Program.

Therap Points Program page and the brochure includes a detailed list of tasks you may complete to earn these points. Below are some of these tasks to get you started.

Therap Points Program Brochure Page 1 of 2

Become a Certified Therap Trainer

  • Take a test and become a Certified Trainer to earn 1,000 points.
  • Blog or comment on the Certied Trainers’ site to earn 5 points every time. Weekly blogging scores you even higher.

Link to Therap from your agency’s website

  • Earn between 500 – 1500 points by putting Therap’s button/link on your agency’s webpages.
  • Visit our website for button designs and their codes.

Connect on Facebook or Youtube

  • Earn 10 points for each “Like” on our Facebook and each subscription to our Youtube page from your agency.

Earn BIG with a Cost Savings Study

  • Earn 10,000 points by conducting a formal study at your agency to analyze cost savings from using Therap.

Sign up now!

Bookmarking the Therap Application

Many of you probably had bookmarked the Therap’s Secure Login page on your browsers. Since the 2012.2 Release, we’ve been asking users to check and update the bookmark so that it points to:


Most browsers have a “Bookmarks” option on the menu-bar, and within that an Organize or Manage feature. That is where you can go to make sure the bookmark you have is the correct one. You will see a list of URLs you have saved and you might have to right-click on it to find an Edit option e.g., if you are using Google Chrome. Here are the user guides on how to manage bookmarks for the major browsers:

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