January 28-30, 2014: Therap National Conference in Kansas City!

Its exciting just announcing it, and with a new venue, and new applications and features to talk about, we know it’ll be doubly exciting being there! We have set the dates January 28-30, 2014 for the upcoming National Conference.

We are now accepting proposals from our users who are eager to present there, to share their knowledge about how to improve documentation, reduce costs, conduct an efficient support team, and many other areas of expertise. So, here are a few links to get more information about the event! Hope to see you all there.

Conference Page
– Include a Flyer, and Online Registration
Call for Presentations – Guidelines on How to Approach
Holiday Inn CoCo Key Resort – The Venue for the National Conference 2014

Therap for QDDPs

QDDP – Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals or QIDP – Qualified Intellectual Disability Pofessionals (a.k.a., Case Managers) working in ICF-I/DD programs are responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of active programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities. They work alongside nursing/health care professionals to ensure all consumers in the program are receiving appropriate services on an individual basis.

A QDDP is responsible for all programmatic documentation, including assessments, Individual Service/Program Plans (ISP/IPP), behavior plans, goal tracking, periodic reviews and quality assurance reviews. They are also responsible for team meeting documentation and staff training management.

Therap provides a comprehensive solution for QDDP/QIDPs to complete all these tasks in a systematic and efficient way. Therap’s ISP module facilitates methodical and concise service/program plan building and goal tracking. Therap Behavior Tracking applications allow users to create concise behavior plan for users (recommending appropriate interventions for target behaviors) and effectively report on behavioral issues. Therap’s flexible reporting features simplifies periodic reviews and quality assurance reviews. Therap also provides effective tools for staff training and certification management.

In addition to the above, Therap Secure Communications and T-Logs (communication logs) allow QDDPs to communicate securely with case manages, ISP team members, behavior analysis, family members, county and state officials and surveyors. If you are a QDDP, and are looking out for an electronic documentation and record management system, you should definitely check out Therap.

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Looking Forward: 9.2, 5010, and the National Conference for Administrators

Its time for another release, which will take us to version 9.2 of Therap Applications. In this release there will be usability enhancements as well as new features like the support for Pre-Vocational Services in Habilitation Checklists for users from New York and support for the new HIPAA standard 5010 that will affect how agencies do billing. To learn more about the new standard, you can refer to this blog post on ASC X12 version 5010 compliance.

Please read through the Release Notes to learn more about all the updates.

Our conferences are great opportunities to learn about the newer features and the updates first-hand. We are holding two in the coming month of December, one at Florida (Dec 6-7) and California (Dec 7-8).

The big one, is also near, the National Conference for Provider Administrators between Febraury 7-9, 2012. This is a chance to meet the majority of the Therap team, including all the support staff and a few of the chief developers, as well as other folks from the ID/DD industry. Apart from training sessions, there will be lots of discussions, feedback sessions, brainstorming and presentations from users. Learn more about the sessions, the schedule, and register online from this page.

We’ve also added an extra day for Government Administrators, which is February 6, where we’ll describe and discuss the part of the System for State and County officials in charge of administering and supervising ID/DD services in their regions.

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