Individual and Family Therap Access User Group

We are very happy to announce our upcoming webinar named “Individual and Family Therap Access User Group” is scheduled on May 20, 2020 at 12.00 PM (EST). In this webinar, our experts will talk about how individuals, family members, guardians as well as case managers get access to information within the Therap system.

Know the presenters

Letisha Ulmer, currently Assistant Director of Quality Assurance, joined the Therap Training and Implementation team in 2014. She has worked in the Human Services field since 2008 in the state of New York where she filled professional roles including a Therap administrator, a residents’ benefits clerk and a day habilitation secretary. 

Gretchen Falk-Lanfear is a Senior Training & Implementation Specialist who started at Therap Services in the year 2016. She previously worked for FAVARH (The ARC of the Farmington Valley) in CT as a Residential Manager for 15 years and served as a PMT Instructor, the Water Safety Director and Alzheimer’s and Dementia training specialist. .

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Therap Training Academy Course on Individual Based Caseload

Therap announces new Training Academy course on Individual Based Caseload. This is a quick and concise overview of our impending transition to an “Individual Based Caseload” system. After watching this quick course, you will see that this update will provide ease of access for all users and will bring a lot of additional benefits to you and your agency over time. This course is suitable for Therap Administrators.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Moving to Individual Based Caseload
  • Today
  • Our Plan
  • The Future
  • Advantages
  • Total Approximate Duration: 12 min

The training includes review quizzes, handouts, and a certificate upon training completion.

Click here to take the course.

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