Introduction to the New IDF!

Join Therap’s upcoming webinar to get introduced to the newly enhanced Individual Demographic Form (IDF)! This online learning session is scheduled to be hosted on 15th July, 2020 at 3:00 PM (EST). Therap’s specialized team members, Letisha Ulmer, Catherine Hauser, Caiti Woodburn and Connie O’Neill, will walk you through all the essential features of the new IDF so that you may successfully fulfill HCBS documentation requirements in an effortless and efficient manner. 

As a Therap user, you will be pleased to know that Therap has designed a new interface for the module, Individual Demographic Form (formerly known as Individual Data Form) in order to streamline the daily documentation process for the individuals under your care. After this update, you will be able to easily maintain necessary information of an individual in a HIPAA-compliant form such as race, ethnicity, SSN, Medicaid number, addresses, contact details, and more, along with their basic identification details such as name, date of birth, physical features, and others. Each of the sections of the previous IDF, like Advance Directives, Allergy Profile, and more along with new additions, will be available as their own pages within the links displayed at the bottom of the new IDF. This user-friendly interface will ensure easy navigation and direct access to significant segments of this module. Through this webinar, you will gain a thorough understanding of the new flow to the new IDF and gain a comprehensive overview of the new features being introduced.

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Intro to the New IDF!

Therap is thrilled to invite you to join an upcoming webinar that is going to Introduce you to Therap’s New Individual Demographic Form (IDF) module! This informative webinar is scheduled to be held on 9th June, 2020 at 1:00 PM (EST). You will receive a comprehensive introduction to the new user interface of the IDF module by Therap experts, Letisha Ulmer and Catherine Hauser.

The formerly known Individual Data Form, will soon be updated to the Individual Demographic Form (IDF) with an enhanced user interface. The upcoming update on Therap application will bring a new user interface to the IDF which is designed to provide a greater frictionless experience. You will also gain a deeper insight into the new flow to the IDF. Moreover, you will learn how to utilize the new additional features so that daily documentation on the Therap platform can be more effortless and efficient!

About the Hosts:

Letisha Ulmer is currently the Assistant Director of Quality Assurance at Therap Services. Her journey with Therap began in 2014. She has around 12 years of experience working in the Human Services industry. In addition to her strong professional experiences, Letisha is also a skilled trainer with extensive knowledge in CMS and OPWDD regulations as well as documentation requirements.

Catherine Hauser has been the Large Provider Project Manager at Therap Services since 2017. She has around 15 years of experience working in the Developmental Disabilities field serving her first professional role as a Direct Support Person in Illinois. As a Program Coordinator, Catherine was fascinated by the effectiveness of Therap’s suite of applications and introduced it to her previous agency.

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