Enhanced User Interface of Health Tracking Module in New Release: 2019.4.0

We are excited to announce that Therap’s new release: 2019.4.0 is coming soon! In this release, we will be discussing the enhanced and updated interface of our Health Tracking module. Keep an eye on our release notes page to know more about the updates.

Therap’s new Health Tracking module comes with an improved and user-friendly interface. User experience is enhanced through a simple and intuitive design. The new Health Tracking maintains the original functionalities of the module while streamlining the number of steps needed to complete the task.

Click here to see the new look and improvements to the Health Tracking module.

Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different types of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. It gives a flexible way to record and follow up on Appointments and medical issues including Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and many more.

Therap has introduced an enhanced user interface for the following Health Tracking modules:

  • Appointments
  • Blood Glucose
  • Height/Weight
  • Immunization
  • Infection Tracking
  • Intake/Elimination
  • Lab Test
  • Menses
  • Respiratory Treatment
  • Seizures
  • Skin/Wound
  • Vital Signs
  • Health Tracking Reports and more.

Click here to know more about the updates on Therap’s Health Tracking module.