Therap Training Academy: Self- Paced, On demand Training Courses

Good Mtherap-training-academy-adorning! My name’s Kara Candelori, and I’m the Assistant Director of Customer Support here at Therap. I’ve  been with the company for 8 years now and am excited to  share with you our new Training Academy. As a  former Residential Director and Classroom Coordinator, and  someone who’s worked with the Training Management  System module specifically, I can certainly relate to how  important training is for folks. I wanted to develop a useful tool with the Academy that would help save agency time, and often sanity, in training and retraining staff on Therap modules; while also providing the consistency of quality across the board in the content of what staff would be trained on. ​I believe our Training Academy can meet those needs, while also making it easy for staff and supervisors to track progress and run reports. I’d love to assist any of you with any questions or concerns on how to use this at your own agency, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s some more information about this new resource:

Therap’s Training Academy offers free, on demand training courses to all users. Need to train staff or yourself on GERs, Tlogs, Provider Administration, ISP data, MARs and more? No problem! Let Therap Trainers do it for you, and supervisors at your agency can then track staff progress and run helpful reports. Every user who takes a training will also receive a certificate of completion and will also have the opportunity to take quizzes to test comprehension and retention. Great tool for self training, team meetings, training new staff, retraining existing staff, corrective actions, etc.

Learn more here about all the courses that Therap has to offer and get training today!


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January 28-30, 2014: Therap National Conference in Kansas City!

Its exciting just announcing it, and with a new venue, and new applications and features to talk about, we know it’ll be doubly exciting being there! We have set the dates January 28-30, 2014 for the upcoming National Conference.

We are now accepting proposals from our users who are eager to present there, to share their knowledge about how to improve documentation, reduce costs, conduct an efficient support team, and many other areas of expertise. So, here are a few links to get more information about the event! Hope to see you all there.

Conference Page
– Include a Flyer, and Online Registration
Call for Presentations – Guidelines on How to Approach
Holiday Inn CoCo Key Resort – The Venue for the National Conference 2014