Implementation of DDO – Making it Work

Come join our webinar on Implementation of Data-Driven Outcomes (DDO) on December 6 at 2:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT. The webinar will be presented by Deb Koop, Director of Quality, Lutheran Service of Minnesota.

Lutheran Social Service of MN supports over 700 people throughout the state of MN. Implementation process used will be reviewed to move all of the ISP Plans to DDO Plans. This will include choosing up the implementation team, setting up timelines, training staff in the process.

This webinar will help providers to track individuals’ progress and determine the domains where an individual is excelling and the domains where more attention is required for the individual to achieve the expected outcome.

The Data-Driven Outcomes (DDO) allow providers to aggregate outcomes data for individuals they support into provider directed domains, that allow for assessment of outcomes data at the individual, program, provider, and oversight levels.

How Data-Driven Outcomes (DDO) Dashboard works:

  • Provides a statistical representation of outcome data from the DDO module
  • Aggregates outcome data of individuals to track progress
  • Allows for assessment of outcome data at the individual, program, provider, and oversight levels
  • Provides the ability to add weighted values to individuals’ ISP Programs and generate trends

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