Overview of Therap Billing for I/DD Services

The design team has recently created a video that provides a comprehensive overview of the Billing applications within Therap. Therap’s billing modules integrate with the ISP (Service Notes or Service Logs) and Attendance modules to provide agencies a choice of how to generate the billing units from the documentation they already have. View the video below to learn more!

Video on Overview of Therap Billing for I/DD Services

Billing Module : Reconciliation Report

Therap’s Billing Module provides a Reconciliation Report which contains information such as TCN/ICN number, Claim Tracking Number, Paid Date amount among other information.

For more information on Reconciliation Report please click on the following link:

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Uploading Remittance 835 Files

To successfully upload Remittance 835 files (using Therap’s Electronic Billing System), the files should not contain any line breaks or special characters. Remove the wordwrap feature from the 835 files while uploading them and please check if any special characters (~, !, @ etc) are mistakenly entered into the 835 files.

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