Activity Tracking/Audit Trails

Therap’s Activity Tracking module keeps record of operations performed by users inside the system. This module shows who has been using the system, when they were using it and for what purpose. These are helpful for audits and for monitoring actions performed by staff members.

Request for Presentation

Search is available as a feature on all of Therap’s modules. They differ in parameters and allow users to search module specific data. Search results are usually presented in tables whereby the viewer can sort the list in the table by clicking on the column’s title, e.g. Date of Submission, Last Name or First Name. If results are very large, they are usually split across several pages for ease of use and they can be exported out to other formats like spreadsheets.

Archives are available for recorded services and related reports. A list is available consisting of documents that were previously updated, edited or worked on; these include documents pertaining to Finance Transactions and Accounts, Individual Service Plans, Programs and Data, Habilitation Plans, Behavior Plans, Behavior Event Records, Health Tracking reports, Medication History records, Service Authorizations, Billing and Attendance Data, Professional and Institutional Claims, and shift notes.

Reports are useful for tracking progress, for surveys and audits, and in other decision making scenarios.

Activity Tracking/Audit Trails User Guide

Training Management Reports

Billing Reports