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Customer Support

Therap understands that different people learn and communicate differently. Therap, as part of its services, offers round-the-clock support and training options to meet the varying needs of its users.

  • Support Site
  • Live Help/Feedback
  • Community
  • Offline Forms

Support Site

Our support site contains tools and information that can make using Therap a fun experience. Some of these are:

Search, User Guides, FAQs, Site Information

If your preferred method is to go straight for the documentation, we have our User Guides, which provide detailed steps on how to use a certain module, or Quick Guides which describe a very specific feature concisely/briefly.

You may also use the search feature on the support site that lets you locate specific information about Therap with great ease. The Searches are profiled and the frequently searched-for topics are compiled into Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) section.

Interactive Learning

Therap develops Flash based interactive training/learning modules to help users get acquainted with its modules.


Try out this small game to get a taste of the interactive training we’re talking about. The security of your data is a major goal of Therap, and this game was designed to teach care staff, in a fun way, about passwords and what makes those secure and strong ones.


You can also decide to join a live Webinar with our Training and Implementation staff, or view recorded webinars from our archives. It’s a good way to go when you are first starting out.

Live Help & Feedback

Live Help enables you to get help in real time from Therap Customer Support. You may click on the Live Help button from the website, or when you are signed into Therap, and chat with our Customer Support staff.

Every application in the system also has a “Feedback” link at the bottom of the page. This lets you share opinion on the application, question system operation, and report issues at your convenience. Therap’s Training & Implementation Team ensures that users receive a reply within 24 hours to these feedback.

You may also contact us to send general queries and feedback without having to log in.

Offline Forms

You can use these forms in cases where you are unable to use Therap directly due to unavailable computers or power outages.

Visit our Offline Forms page to check listings.


Therap puts high importance on communicating with its users to better understand the needs of the developmental disability community, and has multiple channels where users can get together and share their knowledge, both online and in real meetings (Conferences and Users Group meetings).

Therap has several blogs to increase communication with its users. These blogs help users learn about the latest events and developments at Therap. The writers of these blogs include our CEO, COO, support staff, and even Customers. You’ll find lots of good discussion topics related to the Therap System enhancements, the DD/ID Industry, traveling, football, and even robotics!

Therap Ideas provide a platform where users can share all the exciting enhancement ideas for the Therap system. Users can find a list of ideas that have been shared by Therap users, with support for comments. These ideas are reviewed and followed up by Therap team members on a daily basis and discussed during enhancement sessions.

This exchange of thoughts and knowledge help Therap better understand the issues that the community faces and address them accordingly.