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Individual Data Form

Therap’s Individual Data form is designed to assist users to record basic identification details of an individual along with essential information such as race, religion, SSN, Medicare and Medicaid numbers, admission date, program enrollment date and more.

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Medical information such as diagnoses, allergies, medications, contact list such as the individual’s physician, dentist, hospital and pharmacy are listed in this form. Guidelines, Insurance information, Behavior management, Assessment Score, Team member information and custom fields can be tracked with the Individual Data form.

  • Records basic identification details of individuals
  • Displays Identification Data, Insurance, Contacts & Program Enrollment Information
  • Includes Medical information including Diagnoses, Allergies & Medications
  • Provides capability to attach and scan external documents in a HIPAA compliant way
  • Generates PDF copies and archives each version of the form

Demographic Report

Demographic report is a useful tool for agencies to get all the relevant demographic statistics by language, gender, mobility, communication modality, country of origin, top 10 diagnoses [ICD-9/DSM-4/Other] and others. Each agency can generate a demographic report, which is based on the information entered in the Individual Data forms. The report also shows counts of individuals enrolled in different programs and supervision schemes.

  • An essential tool for agency data analysis
  • Shows counts of active and inactive individuals in different programs
  • Report displays demographic statistics from the information entered in the Individual Data forms

Emergency Data Form

Emergency Data Forms are special forms where a user can view the data about an individual that would prove to be useful in emergency situations. Data is automatically extracted from an approved Individual Data form and shown in a read only view. Users are also given notifications of emergency information that has changed. A count of forms that should be read and acknowledged are shown to the user so they can follow up.

  • Guidelines, Medical Information & Contacts for emergencies involving an individual are available
  • EDFs can be printed out or exported to PDF format for viewing
  • The EDF’s usage also extends to temporary staff who need to get an overview of the individuals