The Emergency Data Form (EDF) displays a set of information that may be essential in case of emergencies. Data is automatically extracted from an approved Individual Data form and shown in a read-only view. Users are also given notifications if emergency information has been changed. On these forms, a ‘Read and Acknowledge’ count is shown to the user on their Dashboard so they can follow-up. It can be printed or exported to PDF format. The EDF’s usage also extends to temporary staff who need to get an overview of the individual.

Custom Fields

Organizations using Therap can define custom fields to appear in the IDF. Each field added here counts toward an agency-wide demographic field for reporting purposes, so there may be new fields such as driver’s license details, or a question inquiring if the person has a photo release or the last date for review of the human rights community. Data entered here can be included in an EDF and other custom reports.

Emergency Contacts

Contacts labeled as ‘Emergency Contact’ in an Individual Data form appear on the Emergency Data Form (EDF) with available details including the provider agency’s contact information.

Medical Contacts

The EDF displays the contact information of an individual’s physician, hospital pharmacy, and dentist, to be used for medical needs and emergencies.

Other Data

The EDF shows other data from the Individual Data form including the individual’s identification data, insurance plans, medical data, behavior information and guidelines for attending to the individual’s needs.

Emergency Data Forms User Guides

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