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Therap Services have proven to be an exceptional tool for communication, reporting and billing. Therap Services provide the means and ability for guardians and family members to be knowledgeable of the supports being provided and having access to documentation of such supports.

Guardians have legal responsibility for the care of their charge and likewise need access to accurate and timely information. Therap Services allow a guardian to have an account configured according to their access needs and can read case notes, review health appointments, and results, view service and support plans, and view reports for trending of incidents and other related issues. Guardians can feel a better sense of decision making based on their instant access to information.

  • Family members can access information and respond with questions through Therap in a secured way
  • Accounts configured for family members to access case notes, health appointments, incidents, progress reports and more.
  • Family members can get notifications on incident reports upon submission via email thereby providing prompt notification and action taken for the care of their family member.

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