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General Event Reports (GER) on Therap, also known as incident reports have been designed to track reportable incidents for an individual. Using the incident reporting tool, users can report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns, restraints and accidents.

Request for Presentation

The GER application supports an efficient electronic workflow for report submission, review and approval. Depending upon the actions performed, the status of the GER gets updated. This is beneficial for Incident Management Coordinators to track the progress of GERs.

Therap’s GER module has the ability to easily flag incidents of abuse and neglect allegations – physical, psychological or any other. Therap also ensures automatic and real-time alerts & notifications of Incidents via SComm (Therap’s HIPAA compliant messaging service), email and text messages.

GER has been integrated with the Behavior Tracking module to facilitate the reporting of incidents that involve restraint as a result of behavior.

Multi-Individual Event

Therap’s Multi-Individual Event (MIE) module allows users to link related GERs and display them as a single form. This module helps users save time by creating a single GER form, and then selecting multiple Individuals related to the event and link the related GERs to display them as one form.


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