General Event Reports (GER) on Therap, also known as Incident Reports, have been designed to track reportable incidents for an individual. Using the incident reporting tool, users can report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns, restraints and accidents.

Types of Events on a GER

Injury, Medication Error, Restraint related to behavior, Restraint Other, Death, Other.

Tracking of GER

GERs with Abuse/ Neglect/ Exploitation are only seen by users who are assigned the Enable GER Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation super role.


You may select a Notification Level for a GER to denote the importance or urgency of the incident being reported. Notifications can be received via a text on your phone/pager, as an email or through Therap’s SComm module.

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The new GER is mobile friendly and does not require any zooming and pinching on the screen. The form fits automatically according to the size of the screen.