Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different type of health data and create detailed and monthly reports. It gives a flexible way to record and follow up on medical issues including Appointments, Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and many more.

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Health Tracking Modules

The Health Tracking module currently provides the following HIPAA Compliant forms to help staff members provide enhanced health care:

Health Care Reports

With Therap, users may generate health care reports for given time ranges, with summaries from an Individual’s approved data. These may include information extracted from all Health Tracking forms. Once a report is generated, users can save the report within the system. Users with appropriate privileges may add comments as well. Monthly and Detailed Reports can be exported to Excel for further comparison and analysis. Find more information on Therap Reports.

Appointments module allows you to enter details of and track upcoming appointments for Individuals. Contact Information of physicians, specialists and hospitals are available from pre-populated lists. You can specify the reason for appointments and record the follow-up information such as the diagnoses, medication changes, and lab results. Follow-up appointments can also be set.

Consultation Forms can be generated from Appointments that contain current medications, Medicaid & Medicare numbers and medical diagnoses.

Health Tracking Training Academy Course

Health Tracking Overview

This course will give an overview of Therap’s Health Tracking features and how you can use them to record important information for the individuals you support.
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Health Tracking User Guides

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