Individual Medical Information

Medical Information module contains Individual’s medical and treatment histories including Diagnosis, Allergy and Medication Profiles, Medical History and Advance Directives. This enables support staff or nurses to manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security.

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With the Diagnoses List option, users may Add New, Delete or Resolve Existing Diagnoses for an Individual. Diagnoses List contains information about the diagnostic procedure and the opinions reached by this process. For each individual you can enter in multiple diagnoses along with the codes and the name of the person who gave the diagnoses, when and other bits of information.

Allergy Profile

The Allergy Profile option enables users to document an Individual’s allergy information and determine medications, if any, have any interactions or side-effects with the Individual’s active allergies. Provider agencies may gain access to First DataBank through Therap and view the Drug-Allergy and even the Drug-Drug interaction.

Medication Profile

Developed as part of a CCHIT Requirement, an Individual’s Medication Profile includes current medications, Home Medications, Review of Medications and Reconciliations in one place.

Medication Reconciliation

This module keeps track of an Individual’s Medication Reconciliations and securely saves a copy of attached Reference Medication/Reconciliation document in the cloud.

Individual History

Individual History module is another CCHIT addition. With this option, users can access and record an Individual’s past medical information including prior complaints, history of illnesses, reviews, and statuses of different complications and/or conditions.

Advanced Directives

Document treatment preferences and designate a surrogate decision-maker in the event that an individual is unable to make medical decisions.

Electronic Health Records

Record and Track day to day health data electronically with web-based access that communicates real time notifications. Health Tracking modules are used for an individual’s vital signs, bowel movements, weight, and medical appointments. Episodes of seizures can also be documented and followed up on.