The Health Passport is a summary of Individual specific emergency details which includes Personal Profile, Contact Information, Active Diagnoses, Major Safety Issues & Risk Factors and Consent Information among others.

Using Therap, agencies can automatically generate complete Health Passports for Individuals using their Individual Data, Consultation and Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHATs) forms.

Health Passport User Guides

There are five main sections of the Health Passport:

  • The first section of the report contains the contact details of the Individual pulled from the Individual Data form.
  • The second section of the report provides the Individual’s active diagnoses list, pulled from the ‘Medical Information’ section of the Individual Data form.
  • The third section of the report is populated with Physician/Specialist Contacts from the ‘Shared Contact’ section of the Individual Data.
  • The fourth section of the report consists of check-boxes for the ‘Major Safety Issues & Risk Factors.’ These safety issues and risk factors mainly come from the eCHAT and Individual Data modules. Check box images are shown under ‘Major Safety Issues & Risk Factors’ when a Health Passport PDF is generated.
  • The final section of the report consists of the Advanced Directive and DNR Order sections (auto-populated from the ‘Medical Information’ section of Individual Data form) and other necessary Information.
    Users may also generate a PDF and the Consultation Form from the Health Passport.