Therap’s Medication History module is an efficient tool for users to record information of medications given to individuals. The system is integrated with First Databank, a leading drug database, which allows users to access details such as what the drug looks like, side effects etc. Users can also record details about the Medication Category, Measurement Unit, Dose form, Route, Medication Type, Frequency and Prescriber information on the Medication History form. These information help staff to avoid medication errors.

Medication History User Guides

The ‘Medication Schedule’ option of the Medication History module allows users to precisely schedule a medication with advanced options like ‘Day of the week’, ‘Every Alternate Day’, ‘Different Time’ etc. The module also displays Individual’s active diagnoses information which can be linked to the Medication History forms as required.

  • Instant medication look-up & search
  • Review Individual’s active medication list by using the Medication Review feature
  • Summarize Individual’s Medication records into periodic reports
  • Medication History records and reports can be exported to Excel format
  • Individual’s Medication History records can be easily accessed using the ‘Search’ feature
  • Import individual’s existing Medication list by using the ‘Import from Excel’ feature